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Smart Grid Optimization

Echelon’s Smart Grid Optimization Solution collects health statistics from the low voltage grid, allowing utilities to better anticipate problems and make fast, localized control decisions at the edge. Leveraging over 20 years of energy control networking experience, Echelon is helping utilities move rapidly beyond billing and into grid optimization applications to achieve a more proactive, self-healing grid.

Surging demands, unpredictable generation from renewable sources, volatile energy costs, and the emergence of electric vehicles are all real factors threatening to cause grid instability. To continue to deliver high-quality and reliable service, utilities need to anticipate and diagnose potential problems at the edge faster, and to make localized control decisions within seconds. Echelon’s Smart Grid Optimization Solution enables grid operators to gain visibility at the edge, improve service reliability, and increase grid efficiency.

Our proven, open standard and multi-application platform delivers the following benefits:

  • Delivers unprecedented visibility to detect potential problems at the transformer, finding degrading power lines, phase imbalances, transformer overloading or power quality issues so you can pinpoint power outages and verify restoration proactively and easily.
  • An open platform with the bandwidth required to run multiple third-party apps at the same time and allow data-sharing between grid optimization apps. Expandable hardware includes slots for new, or currently unforeseen devices and applications.

  • Allows new apps to be deployed over-the-air and managed remotely at the data center, eliminating truck rolls for software upgrades and changes.


Intelligent Distributed Control for the Smart Grid.
Watch it now. (2:36 min)

Energy Control Networking Platform for Smart Grid Optimization

The Echelon Smart Grid Optimization Solution is comprised of our Smart Meters and Distributed Control Nodes that collect data in the field along with System Software that runs in a utility’s data center.


Echelon Smart Meters (optional, deployed at residences)

Every Echelon Smart Meter acts like a smart sensor deployed on the low voltage grid, able to collect real-time grid statistics important for determining health at the edge.

Echelon Distributed Control Nodes (deployed in the field)

Located at the medium voltage/low voltage transformer, Echelon Distributed Control Nodes collect grid health statistics from Smart Meters and OSGP-based grid devices over the WAN. They deliver the right data, to the right place, at the right time and can push out localized control decisions. Built as an open platform, they can accommodate new hardware and run multiple software applications allowing utilities to add new functionality efficiently.

Echelon System Software (software deployed in the data center)

Echelon System Software allows a utility to deploy, provision, configure, audit, diagnose, and retrieve data from Echelon Distributed Control Nodes and other OSGP-based devices connected to the low voltage grid. Designed with interoperability in mind, the software communicates with a utility’s middleware using a highly scalable, standards-based interface. Using standard Web services interfaces (e.g. XML and SOAP), Echelon System Software easily integrates with the software and servers deployed at the data center.

Echelon Element Manager (software deployed in the data center)

Echelon’s Element Manger simplifies installation and commissioning of Echelon Distributed Control Nodes and other OSGP devices through browser-based software that is intuitive and easy to use. Providing network analysis, graphed statistics, and automated network management, Echelon’s Element Manager gives your team the right data at the right time so they can troubleshoot and solve problems in real time.

With Echelon, grid operators have powerful control. Using Echelon’s Grid Optimization Solution, you can make your energy distribution system dynamic, efficient, and reliable. Echelon delivers the visibility at the edge that was not previously available. The solution was designed to provide mission-critical data such as voltage, power quality, load at peak and idle times, and transformer temperature – the data you need to protect your grid assets, revenue, and consumer safety.


Stabilize the Grid

With Echelon’s Smart Grid Optimization Solution, you have a much clearer picture of the edge of the grid. Mission-critical data such as voltage, power quality measurements (PQMs), and line signal strength can help you identify problems before they occur. With this data, you can have a more proactive maintenance posture and avoid expensive emergency after-hour repairs. When service is interrupted, the location of an outage can be more precisely determined. Crews can go directly to the problem, equipped with the right tools, or better yet, fix issues remotely and eliminate truck rolls. Response times can be dramatically reduced and customer service improved.

Localized Decision-Making Reduces “Data Deluge”

Echelon’s Grid Optimization Solution delivers the right data, to the right place, at the right time. This means your IT department gets only the information they need instead of being bombarded with false alarms and unusable data. Echelon converts raw grid data into actionable intelligence so it can be used cross-functionally for a more proactive response to many different grid problems. This also reduces your WAN and storage costs so that you are not paying to transport and store meaningless data.

Openness Enables a No Regrets Decision

Imagine an architecture that could stand the test of time where third party applications or other suppliers’ technology could be introduced seamlessly in the future. This is the vision behind the open architecture of our Smart Grid Optimization Solution. With it, you can start anywhere and add new applications and technologies over time. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities and gives you more choices about the suppliers you can work with.

Safe and Secure

Our power line based network does not interfere with RF-based in-home devices such as mobile phones, baby monitors, or garage door openers. Echelon’s advanced security threat and defense management capabilities allow utilities to protect their network and customers from the full gamut of potential threats known to exist today or that may emerge over the lifecycle of their deployment.

Echelon’s grid optimization solution delivers the intelligent distributed control that provides maximum grid reliability, survivability, and responsiveness benefitting both consumers and utilities. For consumers, Echelon has improved customer satisfaction and safety. For utilities, Echelon improves grid reliability by delivering essential power quality information utilities need to stabilize the grid as more renewables and EVs are adopted. Our experience has enabled utilities of every size to deliver a faster payback by dramatically reducing operating expenses, reducing call center calls, improving customer satisfaction, and helping utilities recover unbilled revenue as a result of non-technical losses.


Stabilize the Grid

Echelon provides more than just smart metering. Our energy control networking platform can provide voltage regulation and transformer monitoring as well as retrieve mission-critical data such as voltage, power quality measurements (PQMs), and line signal strength to help utilities get closer to a self-healing grid.

A Safe Choice for Consumers

Our power line based network does not interfere with RF-based devices such as mobile phones, baby monitors, or garage door openers. Our standard remote connect/disconnect switch allows faster reconnection times 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, providing both public safety and health improvement.

Fewer Consumer Complaints

Consumer friendly options like pre-payment, remote connect/disconnect, and real-time consumption information via the web or through in-home display devices, allow consumers to get better service while managing their budgets.

Smart grids represent a $35 billion dollar opportunity by 2015. Partnering with Echelon is a smart investment for your company. As the market leading solution in Europe, according to analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, Echelon can offer your company access to our installed base of utilities that have started their journey toward a smarter grid. Echelon offers many joint marketing and promotional opportunities and hosts an annual Smart Grid conference that allows you to meet our customers and other industry leaders.


Learn more about the benefits a partnership with Echelon can bring:

  • Ability to partner with Europe’s leading smart metering provider and access to our installed base of utility customers.
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Participation in our annual Smart Grid Conference
  • Access to our developer program, tools and support that make it easy to bring new products to market that work seamlessly with Echelon and a broad ecosystem of third-party products
  • Global market acceptance and the industry knowledge you need to hit the ground running in fast-growing regions such as China, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America

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