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Smart Buildings

Echelon’s Smart Building Solution allows building professionals to architect energy-efficient buildings that can respond to real-time grid events. From the Paris Louvre museum and Beijing’s “Bird’s Nest” stadium to quick service restaurants and public schools, over 300,000 buildings around the world rely on Echelon to keep occupants comfortable, safe, and productive — while reducing energy use and their carbon footprint.

With more than 20 years of real-world experience in the buildings industry, Echelon delivers benefits over the life of the building that often extends well beyond the intent of the original design. Echelon’s Smart Building Solution is a proven, open standard and multi-application platform. The key benefits of the solution include:


  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 30%
  • Lower installation costs
  • Lower failure rates and downtime
  • Payback investment in 3-4 years
  • Open procurement through ability to mix different suppliers’ products by interoperating with the world’s leading building automation standards including LonWorks®, BACnet®, Modbus and more.
  • Multi-application platform that can incorporate every building system from heating and air-conditioning to lighting, security, access control, elevator management, and others. Third-party grid- and enterprise- apps can drive the behavior of the building.
  • Reduce time and risks in getting new building automation systems, devices and apps to market.

Energy Control Networking Platform for Smart Building Control

Case Studies

How Johnson Controls reduced energy use at U.S. Army base Fort Hood.
Learn more.

How the Natural Resources Defense Council created the green building. Learn more.

How the Alcampo Supermarket chain reduced energy costs 20%. Learn more.

Echelon’s smart building solution delivers a suite of tools and product offerings for OEMs, building owners, specification writers, integrators, and energy management application developers. The solution enables building professionals to integrate the world’s leading devices, applications, and building automation standards (LonWorks and BACnet), to architect energy-efficient buildings that are grid-aware and can respond dynamically to emerging grid requirements.


Echelon Smart Transceivers (for OEMS)

Our free-topology twisted pair smart transceivers have been embedded in millions building automation devices such as sensors, thermostats, motion detectors, air handlers, and chillers. Cost effective with an ISO/IEC 14908 optimized 8-bit application microprocessor and an ISO/IEC 14908.2 (free-topology twisted pair) transceiver, our smart transceivers eliminate wiring errors, are extremely noise immune, highly reliable, polarity insensitive and do not require either complex network termination or expensive network cable shielding.

Echelon SmartServer Controller (for OEMs and System Integrators)

Echelon’s SmartServer building controller — a system manager and field controller integral to any smart building installation. Echelon’s SmartServer provides the functionality required for high-performance building networks and smart-energy applications and can also serve as a standalone controller for smaller networks. The Echelon SmartServer connects control networks to IP-based applications using SOAP/XML Web services and other open protocols such as LonWorks, BACnet (BACnet/IP) and Modbus (Modbus/IP). When serving as a BACnet/IP gateway, Echelon’s SmartServer supports BACnet user interfaces for integrated management of LonWorks networks.

By providing built-in apps for scheduling, trending, and alarming — and interfaces to other equipment, like Modbus-based air-handlers and electricity meters that provide pulse-count signals, Echelon’s SmartServer provides important functions to facility management, enterprise resource planning, or service provider software.

Echelon’s OpenLNS Operating System (for Software Developers and System Integrators)

Echelon’s OpenLNS network operating system, development and integration tools, ensures openness. Building owners can change service providers as needed, and leverage competitive bidding because all the necessary information about the network is maintained in the building owner's OpenLNS database.

With a rich community of software developers at leading building automation system (BAS) manufacturers, well over 300 plug-ins have been built to help installers more easily commission, configure, monitor, control, diagnose or repair any LonWorks devices. These applications can implement a wide range of policies determined by the building professional to balance comfort and energy savings, including how to respond to a request from the grid for energy reduction or a signal from the grid with variable pricing.

The OpenLNS network operating system released January 2013 eliminates commissioning fees, device credits, and royalties entirely and supports all ISO/IEC 14908-1, 14908-2, 14908-3, and 14908-4 compliant devices, routers, and network interfaces. The OpenLNS Server accelerates the creation of powerful OpenLNS based grid and enterprise apps for smart, grid-aware buildings.

Third Party Software (For System Integrators and Building Owners)

Third-party energy management or grid analytics software and apps (see Partners) are available for the SmartServer available in hosted or server-based configurations.

Echelon smart transceivers are based on the well-established, globally adopted LonWorks standard (ISO/IEC 14908.1, .2, and .3) to eliminate technology and market risks in development and allow you to focus on differentiating the products you bring to market with the confidence that they will easily integrate into buildings all over the world.


Faster Development, Less Risk

The top ten leading BAS OEMs use Echelon’s development tools, smart transceivers, and software platform to quickly produce feature-rich products with less risk and higher differentiation. Each of our smart transceivers includes a full ISO/IEC 14908.1 networking stack that’s supported by advanced network management software. With Echelon, BAS OEMs can focus on what differentiates them and use our smart transceivers and development tools to get LonMark certified products to market faster and with less risk.

Based on Open Standards and Built to Interoperate

As buildings evolve, so too does the need to support multiple open standards. At the system level, Echelon’s SmartServer building controllers can integrate with grid and enterprise applications over SOAP/XML Web services or BACnet/IP, and with LonWorks, Modbus, and other protocols at the device level. This means your integration channel can compete in almost every opportunity — whether a LonWorks or BACnet BAS system — without losing any of the benefits of your devices and systems.

And Echelon products that use the LonWorks smart transceivers have been certified and tested to interoperate. This gives you easy access to a global market of LonWorks based buildings owners who are looking for new LonWorks based products— and you’ll benefit by having immediate interoperability.

OEM News

Siemens ships one million room controllers based on Echelon technology. Learn more.

Sony Supply Chain Solutions Singapore reduces energy by over 50% with technology from Echelon and ROMlight.
Learn more.

Learn more about LonMark's product guidelines and specifications Learn more.

Building your business with Echelon is smart. Echelon can help you deliver open solutions that give building owners exactly the type of control, return on investment, and energy efficiencies needed to build smarter, grid-aware buildings. And, this ability to precisely meet your customers’ needs will expand your business.


Deliver Best-in-Class Solutions

Open and proven, Echelon supplies a complete platform that helps you strongly compete by tailoring solutions to your customers' needs. Echelon’s SmartServer and development and integration tools let you create new applications, or build on existing software and leverage past investments.

Open to All the Leading Building Automation Standards

Echelon’s SmartServer allows system integrators to commission, add, modify, and connect LonWorks products within a BACnet management system. With an application running on Echelon’s SmartServer, you can have a BACnet management console with a full system view and interoperability down to the device level to achieve comprehensive monitoring and control. Working closely with LonMark International, we have helped create industry specifications to help guide end-users to open, integrated building solutions.

Multi-Applications Platform Allows You to Expand Your Services

Our technology platform makes it easy to expand the scope of a building automation system to incorporate virtually any application. Our technologies allow you to provide state-of-the-art building automation systems — and expand your business to take on new applications like area lighting, emergency or security access systems, parking structures, clean rooms, and more.

LonMark® International

Lean more about becoming a LonMark Certified Professional or gaining LonMark System Integrator status for your firm. Learn more.

Echelon delivers a proven environment for developing innovative building management and energy control software applications.


Proven Infrastructure

The OpenLNS Network Operating System provides access, monitoring, and control over open standard LonWorks control networks, including legacy equipment. The operating system provides a rich API for creating tools and applications for installing, managing, commissioning or operating buildings. For grid- and enterprise-apps the same API gives software developers an ability to drive building behavior from operations centers or PC’s located on-premise without having to directly access specific product interfaces.

The Echelon SmartServer building controller features a Web services interface (SOAP/XML), allowing you to create applications that access critical network or device information and publish new rules that govern the network's behavior with a well understood, IT friendly interface. Apps running on the SmartServer can control LonWorks, Modbus, M-bus, or equipment using proprietary protocols (with an appropriate driver).

Tools You Can Use

The Echelon OpenLNS Server  is available to OpenLNS application/tool developers. App developers create software for the SmarServer using our SmartServer Programming Tools.

Developers can take advantage of the Echelon SmartServer’s powerful built-in apps for optimized scheduling, trending, and alarming to create centralized energy monitoring and control systems for hundreds of large buildings or branch offices. However, even a small- or medium-business integrator/installer can use our technology to quickly build specialized automated building systems. For example, an application that remotely monitors school-cafeteria food freezers provides a valuable, cost saving service to school administrators.

Also available is Echelon’s Building Energy Management 1.1 toolkit for multi-site organizations. Running on the Echelon SmartServer, the toolkit includes over a dozen wizards and templates that allow companies to rapidly integrate third party sub-meters and third-party software applications for energy monitoring, analytics, and real-time energy control. As a result, building professionals can build an energy management and control environment customized to their unique needs and achieve energy conservation of up to 30%.

Developer News

Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator building management system relies on the LNS Operating System to integrate, monitor, and control HVAC, lighting, energy, and financial systems. Learn more.  

New cloud-based energy control solution from Echelon and Serious Materials cuts building energy costs 20% or more. Learn more.

Commercial buildings consume over 30% of the energy used on today’s grid. By making buildings more energy efficient, they present one of the greatest opportunities to help owners reduce the amount of money they spend monthly on energy bills and can reduce carbon footprints. Echelon can help owners achieve their vision of greener, more affordable buildings by giving them the ability to mix technologies from best-in-class suppliers and having an open procurement process to avoid being locked into any one particular supplier.


Open Procurement

Cities, government agencies, school districts, real estate management firms, and other organizations need to maintain an open bidding and procurement environment for building management. Only the LonWorks standard delivers. And the combination of the Echelon LNS Network Operating System and LonMark certified products ensures market competition for services, software, and products — which delivers tremendous savings over time.

Proven and Accepted

Several organizations have spent several years determining their building specification. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers requires LonMark certified products, the Echelon LNS Network Operating System, LNS management tools, and LonMark certified network integrators. Others have followed the Corps' specification, including the New York City Public School District, NASA Goddard Space Center, and the Kuwati government.

LonWorks at Work in Buildings Around the World (PDF)

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Download our Open Specification Guide

Case Study

“The system has greatly reduced our energy use. We’ve saved 40% in air conditioning and 25% in heating, all while maintaining comfortable humidity and temperature levels in the rooms, avoiding sharp changes in temperature which can affect the residents’ health.”
– Rafael Vale, owner, geriatric care center
Learn more.

With a 20 year history of providing proven solutions to the buildings industry, Echelon can offer your company access to our installed base of customers that have started their journey toward smarter buildings. Echelon offers many joint marketing and promotional opportunities through a partnership with LonMark International and hosts an annual Smart Grid conference that allows you to meet our customers and other industry leaders.


Learn more about the benefits a partnership with Echelon can bring:

  • Ability to leverage our 20 year history in the buildings industry
  • Joint marketing opportunities with Echelon and LonMark International
  • Participation in our annual Smart Grid Conference
  • Access to our developer program, tools and support that make it easy to bring new products to market that work seamlessly with Echelon and a broad ecosystem of third-party products
  • Global market acceptance and the industry knowledge you need to hit the ground running in fast-growing regions such as China, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America