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Smart Control

Echelon’s energy control networking platform relies on the LonWorks® standard for smart control networks. Smart control systems are used almost everywhere – in smart cities, smart buildings, smart meters, smart grids – virtually everything that goes into them and then some. Many of these systems reduce energy use as a primary attribute, while many others use smart control to enable their core functionality – like fire detection and suppression, access control systems, pitch control in helicopter blades, asset and inventory control, and conveyor systems. With smart control you get high reliability, lower maintenance costs, low cost installation, and superior performance.


Echelon’s LonWorks based control networking technologies have been proven in 100 million devices, 300,000 buildings, and in electricity meters connecting 35 million homes to the grid. The LonWorks open standard that underlies our technology is accepted worldwide (ISO/IEC 14908-1), and it enables applications that turn diverse products into systems that increase energy efficiency and make people safer, more comfortable, or more productive.

Echelon control technology ensures products that perform many different functions work together reliably and form systems that provide far more than the sum of their parts – a key attribute of a smart control system. Echelon’s products adhere to the LonWorks standard for control networking that meets the fundamental requirements for control networks:

  • Embeds standards-based intelligence in all network devices — making each more independent, interoperable, and reliable
  • Designates that all devices are peers, eliminating single points of failure typical of the master-slave control systems that came before
  • Supports a product’s intended function and can expand that function, such as allowing a lighting presence detector to act as a night-time security motion detector
  • Supplies a lightweight, open, cost-effective control backbone, enabling an RFID sensor to inform security doors when to close and lock, for example
  • Solves a fundamental problem that fulfills even very specialized requirements


Energy Control Networking Platform for Smart Solar

A Global Standard

The LonWorks standard is certified by numerous standards bodies and required by key end-users including:

  • EN (Comit European de Normalisation)
  • GB (Standardization Administration of China)
  • International Forecourt Standards Forum
  • IEEE
  • New York City Public School District
  • NIST
  • SEMI
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

How It Works

An Echelon smart control network usually includes the following components:

Echelon Smart Transceivers
Echelon’s LonWorks based smart transceivers embedded in each product (device) in the network serve as an applications processor and provides peer-to-peer communications over twisted pair, power line, or other media. IP is supported via transceivers adhering to the IP-852 standard for LonWorks tunneling over IP. Other media types are supported (in a single network or as the sole physical media) through the use of a media router.

Echelon OpenLNS Network Operating System
Echelon’s OpenLNS network operating system provides a software platform for applications that maintain and communicate operating rules for each intelligent device in the network. One such rule might state that during the day, the air-conditioning (AC) system acts on messages it receives from the AC motion sensor, and at night, the security system also responds to these messages. Software developers create OpenLNS based products such as commissioning, management or installation tools and energy management service applications.

Echelon Controllers or Routers
Intelligent controllers, such as our SmartServer or i.LON® 600 Router, provide access to enterprise energy management applications over IP, or connect multiple sites to a central equipment monitoring system. These intelligent controllers can also integrate legacy equipment such as air-handlers or diesel generators that use the Modbus protocol.

Third Party Software
Local or remote third-party software (see Partners) relies on a controller or router for connection and communication to network nodes. This software governs one or many control networks, such as for streetlight management, energy demand response, utility SCADA systems, and smart metering.


Our LonWorks based control networking platform includes:

  • A globally accepted communications protocol
  • Standards based transceiver signaling technology
  • Network management software platform and architecture
  • Intelligent routing and control
  • Open interfaces to standard IT applications

Differentiate and Get to Market Faster

Our complete, open, globally certified platform lets you maximize your product’s differentiation and get to market faster — without diluting your value add by letting you focus on your core competencies. For that reason, it is a safe, sound, long-term investment in your competitive advantage.

Reduce Development, Increase Value

Echelon’s LonWorks based technology gives you the flexibility to implement both simple and complex networked devices without having to spend millions on development. You can leverage our technology’s interoperability and create one device or a complete, robust solution compatible with over 100 million installed products.

Using fully compliant, interoperable LonWorks based devices and applications, your customers can continually innovate, solve problems, and reduce energy consumption.

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LonMark Guidelines and Specifications
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The LonWorks standard has been a truly open standard for over 20 years and continues to be the most widely used and accepted control-networking method. Some of its advantages for your business:


Integrating, installing, commissioning, and managing a standards-based LonWorks control network is predictable. You can leverage your talents and experience from one project to another and feel confident in taking on even very different types of projects: the control networking principles and practices will be the same.


Echelon’s SmartServer Controller or iLON 600 Router lets you integrate virtually any type of device, and our OpenLNS Commissioning Tool supplies an easy-to-use graphical interface that lets you recover existing network designs and merge independent networks.

Web Integrated

With the Echelon SmartServer providing web-accessibility down to the device, you can offer low-cost integration and superior customer care to your current market as well as new ones.

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Software Developers

Designing and building systems that are easily manageable and maintainable is a requirement for your business, and today that means the flexibility for software control via the Web or hosted locally. Using our control networking technologies, you can connect to equipment and systems virtually anywhere in the world and control them using your specialized software.

Network Access, Monitoring, Control

The Echelon SmartServer Controller’s Web services (SOAP/XML) provides IP connection to your enterprise application and access to critical network or device information. You can upload new network operating rules to the Echelon SmartServer, which provides scheduling, alarming, trending, and system control, including of legacy equipment. Using these technologies for example, one demand response company initiates energy reduction actions for equipment in hundreds of buildings.

Full Network Management

Echelon’s OpenLNS Server allows even greater control, essentially enabling full network management from anywhere. Networks using Echelon’s OpenLNS Server can run standard or custom OpenLNS applications for managing, maintaining, monitoring, and controlling devices in a control network. For example, one company uses its OpenLNS application to manage remote facilities within their real estate portfolio. They can change set points for heating and cooling on the fly, or take faulty equipment off-line even before the tenant realizes there is an issue.

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