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Smart Street Lighting

Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution transforms streetlights into intelligent, energy-efficient, remotely managed networks that deliver dependable lighting at 30% less cost than low-energy luminaires alone. Over the long term, Smart Street Lighting serves as a foundation for building a Smart City. Nearly 500 cities have started and know the value of our field-proven and reliable smart street lighting solution. Count on our proven track record to provide safer, more affordable lighting that reduces your carbon footprint.

Smart Street Lighting from Echelon allows a city to easily schedule lights on or off and set dimming levels of individual or groups of lights so a city can intelligently provide the right level of lighting needed by time of day, season, or weather conditions. Cities using Echelon’s solution reduce their street lighting energy use by an average of 30% in addition to any savings from more efficient lights. The city of Oslo, a Clinton Foundation Climate Initiative best practices example, reduced energy consumption by 62% with Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution. In China, 500,000 smart streetlights using Echelon power line technology will come online by 2014, with an expected energy reduction of 55%. Smart street lighting is often just the first step to a smarter city, for example, Quebec added a bus lane control system to Echelon’s Street Lighting Solution and eliminated the cost of a second infrastructure.

Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting solution is a proven, open standard and multi-application platform. The key benefits of the solution include:

  • 30% less energy use in addition to savings from high efficiency lamps
  • 20% or more savings per year in operating and maintenance costs
  • Better living environments with more reliable and safer lighting
  • The ability to mix lamp technologies to suit the needs of the city and accommodate new lamp types
  • An expandable infrastructure that supports multiple applications such as traffic, weather, and motion monitoring

Energy Control Networking Platform for Smart Street Lighting

Featured Customer

How Philips Lighting and Kongsberg Analogic reduced Oslo's energy consumption 62%.

Learn more.


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Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting solution is comprised of smart transceivers that control individual streetlight ballasts, Echelon’s SmartServer segment controller, and third-party software installed at the data center. An optional radio frequency (RF)/power line (PL) bridge connects segments of streetlights for simple low cost installation. Cities can choose to start with segment control alone using just SmartServers, or elect to have both segment and individual streetlight control depending on their needs and goals. Echelon’s full solution consists of the following products:


Echelon Smart Transceivers (for Lighting OEMs)

Street light manufacturers can embed Echelon smart transceivers into their streetlight ballasts, drivers, or generators, or outdoor lighting controllers. These components enable command, control, and monitoring of each light. They communicate with Echelon’s SmartServer segment controller over existing power lines.

Echelon SmartServer Segment Controller (deployed in the field)

Our SmartServer Segment Controller is a powerful controller and gateway for connecting streetlight segments to a city’s service center. Echelon’s SmartServer provides rules for operation, invoking on/off time and sequencing, dimming time and percentage, and other functions. Data logging of parameters such as run-hours or energy use, alarming and scheduling functions, and a standard IP connection to third-party system software make it a key part of a citywide infrastructure

Echelon PL/RF Bridge (deployed in the field)

Echelon’s Power Line/RF Bridge can be used to connect segments (groups) of streetlights to a SmartServer segment controller. The PL/RF Bridge uses a plug-and-play RF connection for simple, low-cost installation. Each virtual segment communicates with Echelon’s SmartServer segment controller over existing power lines.

Echelon CPD3000 (deployed in the field)

Echelon’s Power Line based lighting controller can be used to control lights and other Information Technology Equipment (ITE) for collecting vital data such as run hours, voltage, current, equipment status, power consumption, energy usage, diagnostic alarms, and power factor. This information is collected on the AC mains supply lines by two-way communications between lamps & other ITEs and segment controllers. It optimizes communications with integrated power line meshing.

Use cases:

  1. Smart Street Lighting – Remotely collecting vital data from the lighting controller (such as LED drivers, HPS ballasts, Induction Generators) and communicate over the power lines for schedules, diagnostics alarms with Segment Controller (SmartServer). SmartServer is an internet device which communicates with back- office servers over the wireless networks.
  2. Monitoring and Control of Equipment: Remotely monitoring and controlling many types of equipment (such as data & text processing machines – printers, scanners, data storage equipment, public information terminals). For example, in a given building, there are number of printers (e.g., 40 to 50 printers) that are plugged in to mains power. By adding CPD3000 between printer and mains supply, all the vital data such as run hours, voltage, current, equipment status, power consumption, and diagnostic alarms can be collected and then sent over the power lines to SmartServer for remote monitoring and control management console of head-end application.
  3. Energy Management application: For energy conservation in a building for the equipment that consumes less than 500 Watt of power, by adding CPD3000 and SmartServer on the power line network (similar to street lighting network), data can be collected remotely and controlled to achieve the energy reduction goals.

Third Party Software (deployed in the data center)

Third-party system software (see Partners) integrates with a city’s enterprise applications and manages the street lighting network using the SmartServer for control and communication. System software is available in hosted or server-based configurations.

Reduce Costs

"Smart street lighting using the power line carrier continues to attract our customers because it enables a tremendous cost savings, allowing them to use existing power lines to transmit data, eliminating the need to lay new communications lines."
–Tomohito Arai, general manager, Information Technology Business Department, ITOCHU

Streetlights are among a city’s most important assets, providing safer streets, parks, and city centers. They also consume a huge part of a city’s budget — as much as 40% in electricity bills and significant resources for maintenance and operations. Cities today need smarter street lighting systems that can reduce electricity use, costs, and carbon emissions while enhancing environments.


Echelon is the market leader in providing smart street lighting solutions. Enabling 500 cities around the world, we transform streetlights into networked, remotely managed infrastructures that deliver cost-effective, dependable light for safer living environments. Better still, because the platform is open, you can use it for controlling other city systems. For example, you can easily add new sensors over time to improve traffic or pedestrian safety. For many, Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution is just the first step on the path to become a smart city.

Open Procurement, Avoid Vendor Lock-in

With our open standard platform, cities can mix best-of-breed technologies from many different luminaire suppliers and will not be bound to one manufacturer for the next 30 years. By giving you the most choices in lighting suppliers, you can have an open and competitive procurement process and avoid the risk of being locked-in to specific suppliers.

Drive Economic Growth for Your City

Attract more dollars to your city by converting your current streetlights into a modern street lighting infrastructure that can bring economic growth to your city. With this eco-friendly solution, you can attract international recognition for your efforts and be promoted as an award-winning, green city bringing in more tourists dollars and growth for local businesses.

Reduce Operations and Maintenance Costs

With Echelon, you can remotely manage your street light infrastructure and reduce operations and maintenance expenses by 20%. Even with the same or smaller staff, you can improve service to residents, improve safety, reduce crime, and promote your efforts to create a greener city.

First Step to a Smarter City

Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution can be easily leveraged to control other devices such as parking lot lights, sprinklers, traffic signals, energy meters and devices to collect environmental data such as pollution ratio, air composition, humidity, temperature, traffic, and street noise levels. Cities that deploy Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution extend it into new application areas – often within the first 24 months. This allows city managers to look at strategic opportunities to develop new value-added services and new profitable business models. Therefore, for many, their investment in Echelon enables much more than smarter streetlights – it’s a platform that promotes a smarter city.

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Case Studies

“The Echelon energy control networking platform is the only solution we’ve found that is open and truly interoperable with most luminaire providers, which will allow us to add intelligent individual lamp solutions as needed for the city”
- ElcomTek, City of Hanoi installation

Adopted by today’s leading ballast manufacturers including Philips, Selc, Sece, Intron and more, Echelon’s Smart Street Lighting Solution has the most proven reliability, helps OEMs get to market faster, and features a proven track record to help you reduce risks in the development process.

Most Proven Reliability

More than just smart street lighting, Echelon’s energy control networking platform has been proven in over 35 million energy meters, 300,000 buildings, and 100 million devices delivering over 99% proven reliability every day in some of the world’s toughest environments. By developing on Echelon’s proven reliability, you can reduce failures and risks by knowing your ballasts will work when they are first deployed and will keep working long into the future to monitor and maintain flawless performance of street lighting networks.

Fastest Time to Market; Reduced Risks

With growing demand for smarter street lighting, getting your products to market faster increases your competitive advantage. Each of our smart transceivers includes a full ISO/IEC 14908 networking stack that’s supported by advanced network management software. With Echelon, lighting OEMs can focus on what differentiates them and use our smart transceivers, and development tools to get LonWorks-certified products to market faster and with less risk.

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Case Study

• Why Philips Lighting chose Echelon technology Learn more.

Echelon’s Street Lighting solution dramatically reduces the costs of installing, operating, and maintaining energy efficient streetlights by up to 40%.


Provide Better, Faster Service

With Echelon’s street lighting solution, every streetlight can report status, energy use, and run-hours in real time. You can see what's happening anywhere in your service area, provide extremely accurate performance auditing, and deliver a level of service beyond anything from the competition.

Proactive Maintenance and Operations

Logs and trends provide system-wide performance information and down-to-the-pole data to help you eliminate emergency maintenance and optimize inventory stores.

Expand, Integrate, and Grow

Street lighting owners and operators need to adopt open standard technologies to ensure they can operate and expand the system with the least cost and most choice. Our solution is based on the ISO/IEC 14908.1 and .3 standards and Echelon’s SmartServer segment controller adheres to open IP communication standards, ensuring you are never limited by proprietary technology. This openness means the street lighting network itself can expand with more sophisticated applications, such as brightening or dimming to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety. For example, the city of Ville de Quebec added a bus-lane control system to their street lighting network and eliminated the cost of a second infra-structure.

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Case Study

"We installed over 16,000 lights equipped with Echelon transceivers in 2010 . . . and believe that we have the opportunity to have nearly 500,000 installed by 2014. Echelon's technology has enabled us to deliver a solution that reduces energy use by 55% and significantly lowers maintenance costs."
– Li Zhiqiang, president and CEO Rongwen (Guangdong, China)

Learn more.

As the market leading provider of smart street lighting solutions, Echelon can offer your company access to our installed base of customers that have started their journey toward smarter cities. Echelon offers many joint marketing and promotional opportunities and hosts an annual Smart Grid conference that allows you to meet our customers and other industry leaders.

Learn more about the benefits a partnership with Echelon can bring:

  • Ability to work with the market leading provider of smart street lighting solutions
  • Joint marketing opportunities
  • Participation in our annual Smart Grid Conference
  • Access to our developer program, tools and support that make it easy to bring new products to market that work seamlessly with Echelon and a broad ecosystem of third-party products
  • Global market acceptance and the industry knowledge you need to hit the ground running in fast-growing regions such as China, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America

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