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Echelon Quality

Echelon Commitment to Quality

Echelon maintains a solid commitment to ensuring the highest levels of quality in the design, manufacture, and testing of its products. As a result, organizations can feel confident in their solutions knowing that they are using Echelon products that have met the most rigorous quality standards in the industry.

Echelon Quality Management System

The Echelon Quality Management System (QMS) is a holistic approach to quality that leverages the expertise, proven testing methodologies, and tools of engineering teams across Echelon to deliver the highest quality networking solutions. Our QMS complies with the international standard ISO 9001:2008. An integrated quality value chain, the QMS spans these key areas:

  • Engineering
    Echelon engineers employ proven design techniques and a system of rigorous test and validation cycles to ensure the highest level of hardware quality. At the same time, they leverage existing product designs and field reliability data to minimize risks for potential quality issues in subsequent designs. Echelon also works closely with customer and partners to ensure that its products meet the stringent quality standards. Echelon software design and development adhere to a disciplined quality framework that includes several testing phases as well as ongoing customer quality monitoring.
  • Operations
    The Echelon manufacturing team plays a vital role in the QMS, working closely with the engineering team to meet stringent quality, reliability, and cost requirements. The manufacturing process helps ensure that any defects introduced during product assembly or by purchased component variation are removed before the product ships to Echelon customers.
  • Customer Support & Training
    By leveraging best practices and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Echelon can offer high-quality technical support throughout its technical support centers. In addition, Echelon regularly assesses its support organization by gathering customer feedback on delivery quality, processes, systems, products, and offerings.