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Value Added Reseller and System Integrator Partners

Our channel of value added resellers (VAR) and systems Integrators (SI) partners deliver technical expertise for Smart Metering, Smart Grid Optimization, Smart Street Lighting, Smart Building and Smart Controls products and projects.


Braid Networks

Braid Networks

Leader in supplying various communications equipment that will continuously help its customers in enhancing their network infrastructure and to provide new business services and alternative solutions to its customers. Offers competent technology solutions, concepts, design and installation, delivering quality service and support, guaranteeing full technology implementation and transfer.

CIAC logo

CIAC International Technologies

Energy, information, and security technologies.

Comintel logo


Systems Integrator providing total IT and telecommunication solutions for all type of applications.

Energoauditcontrol logo

EAC - Energoauditcontrol LLC

Develops and implements a turn-key, automated accounting system and specialized software for automated meter reading, and a comprehensive program for energy conservation and energy efficiency. Learn more.

Elo logo

ELO Sistemas Eletronicos S.A.

Equipment used to obtain data for sales of electricity and for measuring and combating tax fraud as well as for analyzing to reduce energy and improve even power management. Learn more.

Eltel logo

ELTEL Group Corporation

Builds, connects, and cares for infranet solutions based on an effective interplay between electricity, telecom, and IT. Specializes in combining these technologies into a new intelligent infrastructure called Infranet, dedicated to boosting the way our society works. Learn more

EVB logo

EVB Energie Solutions GmbH

Smart metering. Learn more

Ferranti logo

Ferranti Computer Systems NV

Ferranti Computer Systems, a member of the Nijkerk Group, was founded in 1976 in Antwerp, Belgium. The core focus of Ferranti is to map out business processes and design an automation strategy, together with its customers, which leads to process improvements. This helps Ferranti reach its goal of improved efficiency and cost savings. Learn more

Giza Systems

Giza Systems

A premier systems integrator and solution provider that supplies utilities in the Middle East market with the latest technologies.

Gorlitz logo

Görlitz AG

Solutions for the collection and communication of energy data for energy management and smart metering projects. Learn more

Kapsch logo

Kapsch Smart Energy GmbH

Manufacturer of telephones and a system supplier for road traffic telematics and telecommunications.

Lackmann logo

Lackmann Metering Sp. Z.o.o.

Comprehensive services including design, supply, commissioning, and maintenance of electricity consumption measurement and remote reading systems. Learn more.



LG CNS is a global IT service provider delivering value beyond our customer’s expectations through smart technologies and services that creative talents implement.

Mitsubishi logo

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Global provider of high-quality services to the energy value chain, including business and technical consultancy, operational support, measurements and inspection, and testing and certification.

One Nordic

One Nordic

Nordic countries' leading turnkey supplier in energy technology and contracting.
(previously known as E.ON ES)

Oneco Teksal

Oneco Teksal

OneCo is an industrial group that provides products and services within its core areas of activity such as electrical and mechanical engineering.

PMT logo

Power Meter Technics (Pty) Ltd.

Metering services. Learn more


PS Tec Co


Remote Metering Solutions

RMS is a multi-level organization, focused solely on the Utilities and Energy Management Environment but also expanding into the Revenue Management sector.



Synergon, the largest independent Hungarian IT-enterprise systems integrator, builds IT-solutions to satisfy customer demands based on the products of the most significant hardware and software manufacturers.

Telvent logo

Telvent Energia S.A.

Cutting edge information management solutions in interdependent global industries like energy, transportation, agriculture, and environmental services. Learn more

Metering Service logo

Thuega Metering Service GmbH

Full service remote meter reading solutions, including procurement, provisioning of installation services, control room operation, and integration with accounting systems. Learn more

Ubitronix Systems logo

Ubitronix System Solutions GmbH

Communication, metering, and load management products enabling automated reading of electricity, gas, water, and heat meters; load management; home and building automation; power quality monitoring; and street lighting, within one solution that integrates seamlessly with Echelon’s Networked Energy Services (NES) system. Learn more




Zirode logo

ZIRODE Management Services (Pty) Ltd.

Services management for the entire smart grid value chain. Learn more


Arigo logo

ARIGO Software GmbH

Cutting edge software solutions and support for smart systems. Custom logic, web-visualization, enterprise solutions, LNS plug-ins, project consulting, integration of diverse BUS systems with LON and superior networking beyond the field BUS. Learn more

Elcom logo

Elcom Technologies

Products and services for Vietnamese telecommunications service providers, especially value added service segments. Learn more

Flashnet logo


Public lighting remote management system.


Green America Design Group

Smart grid platform for intelligent urban street lights with monitoring and remote management system.

Itochu logo

ITOCHU Corporation

Import/export and domestic and overseas trading of various products including information and communications technology, energy, construction, and logistics services, as well as business investment.

Philips logo


Outdoor lighting products.

Rongwen Lighting logo

Rongwen Lighting Co. Ltd.

Streetlighting product development, manufacturing, city lighting planning, sales, project management, and energy savings.

Streetlight.vision logo


Open streetlight monitoring and control software.


Arigo logo

ARIGO Software GmbH

Cutting edge software solutions and support for smart systems. Custom logic, web-visualization, enterprise solutions, LNS plug-ins, project consulting, integration of diverse BUS systems with LON and superior networking beyond the field BUS. Learn more

Acrolon Technologies

Web-based fermentation management and winery control solutions.

adi logo

ADI Building Management System Limited

Total engineered solutions.

Advance logo

Advance-S LLC

Services dealing with design, supply, installation, and maintenance of all building systems. Training center and helpdesk offers LonWorks, HVAC automation, and SCADA trainings, as well as authorized technical support.

aditel logo

Aditel Sistemas S.L.L.


ARMO Systems

Asay logo


IT integrator specializing in solution design and installation, and 24/7 monitoring centers for IT equipment. Focuses on enterprise energy management for supermarkets, telecom operators, banks, and streetlight solutions in the Turkish market.


Building Control & Services (BSC)

A superior single sourcing of world-class facility and process control products, systems, and support. Complementing their wide range of product options, they also provide a broad spectrum of custom design, installation and management services.

Casadei & Pellizzaro logo

Casadei & Pellizzaro S.r.l.

Air conditioning equipment and systems installation and service.

Contimetra Instrumentos Industriais Ltda.

A full line of equipment and devices for industrial and commercial building systems, plus services including applications engineering, installation, commissioning and start-up, maintenance, and after-sales services. Learn more

Control Technologies

LonWorks® based facility automation solutions, multisite facilities management, and energy and operational cost reduction.


Total solutions for automation needs.

Daelim logo

Daelim I&S Co., Ltd.

Daelim Korea provides consulting, design, and construction of building management systems for security, communications, process control, and mechanical equipment. Learn more


Distech Controls

A global leader in building and energy management solutions, Distech Controls provides a complete solution for commercial, institutional, and government portfolios, integrating HVAC, Lighting, Access Control and CCTV, and Energy Management solutions.


Electro-Systems Industries Corporation

Services include engineering design technology and products to provide the solutions for Integrated Facilities Management System covering Electronic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, Electronic Security Control Systems and Integrated Building Management Systems.


Elliot Electric Supply

ENE Systems

In partnership with Schneider Electric, provides LonWorks-enabled building automation and energy efficiency solutions to hospitals, schools, and financial institutions, as well as to biotech and research facilities.

Global Scene logo

Global Scene Environmental Solutions

Sustainable business solutions, including managed energy solutions through energy auditing and monitoring, and measurement and qualification of carbon footprint for current and future legislative and reporting requirements.

Grid Navigator

Provider of intelligent energy management systems for commercial and industrial applications, helping companies measure and control energy use and gain cost savings through detailed consumption measurement, energy strategy development, and demand management .


Complete, end-to-end solutions and systems for building design, automation, energy efficiency, and sustainability processes. Expertise spans the complete building automation, process automation, and energy management spectrum using a cost effective and scalable architecture, hardware automation, and cloud-based energy efficiency management and continuous commissioning software.



ITC Ltd designs and implements software solutions for companies in the electricity, gas and water supply industry and the public sector.


LED Eco Solutions, Inc.

LED Eco Solutions, Inc. (a Sign Methods Company) was started as an led retro-fit lighting company, but it has transformed into a green solutions business. We offer advanced plasma luminaries, LED lamps, complete DLC qualified luminaries, HVAC controls, and energy saving components.



LG CNS is a global IT service provider delivering value beyond our customer's expectations through smart technologies and services that creative talents implement.

Lontech Solutions logo

Lontech Solutions AS

Innovative solutions to the petrol industry, including an open and flexible tool to achieve energy savings. The solution includes all aspects of an advanced building automation system specialized to manage a large amount of petrol station sites.

Luminext BV logo

Luminext BV

Automated outdoor lighting solutions that allow for significant energy savings and the reduction of maintenance costs while improving safety and security. Open technology allows customers to mix and match systems with products from others.


MCQ Tech GmbH (Metz Connect)

Potter logo

Potter Building Services Ltd.

Commercial and industrial building control systems and software development, including open systems software development and systems integration for complete end-to-end solutions. Learn more


Logistics solution to manage operational resources including HVAC systems, security systems, lighting systems, energy management systems, and others.


Quantum Automation

We provide the best technological solutions in the business of engineering design, system installation, commissioning and maintenance services of electrical and mechanical equipment in commercial building controls systems as well as home automation systems.


Silon d.o.o.

SILON d.o.o. is a private-owned company with a limited liability. Founded as a spin-off of a building automation project in INDATA d.o.o., it started to operate in 1998. The company specializes in advising, software and hardware delivery, and system start-up in the process of building automation.

Tecopysa logo


Services focused on the development and management of infrastructure, building and industrial projects, and IT/local GIS consulting services. Also provides energy services for the public sector, small and middle size business, and specific industries.


Energy efficient lighting solutions.

Unitronics logo


Since 1989, Unitronics, a unique leading company with international presence, has three principal fields of activity, which are implemented by three business divisions: Automation Products, Automated Logistics Systems and Automated Parking Solutions.