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ICs and Modules

ICs include microprocessors that run the LonWorks® protocol and have a unique identifier, with transceivers for a choice of channel types and data transfer rates, and integrated combinations of these and other components. Modules range from complete packages ready-to-install to compact parts that can be quickly integrated with your product's other electronics.


Neuron® 5000 IC
Dedicated processor that runs the ISO/IEC14908-1 LonWorks® control networking standard.

Router 5000 IC
The Router 5000 IC supports a variety of external LonWorks transceiver types and routing functions, giving you the flexibility to design a router the meets your needs for expanding the network, and increase the network’s survivability, reliability, and performance.


Power Line (PL) Smart Transceivers

PL Smart Transceivers 3120®/3150®/70 
Neuron processor, transceiver, and memory.

Free Topology (FT) Smart Transceivers

FT 5000 Smart Transceiver
Neuron processor and our highest-performing transceiver.

FT 3120 and FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceiver  
Neuron processor, transceiver, and memory.

FT Smart Transceiver FTXL 3190 Solution
Transceiver, LonWorks protocol ported to FPGA processor, and developer’s kit.

Pyxos FT
The Pyxos FT network chip embeds both the protocol for a Pyxos platform and the transceiver for communicating on the Pyxos network.

Transceivers Only

FTT-10A Free Topology Twisted Pair Transceiver
Free topology transceiver for use with a Neuron processor.

LPT-11 Link Power Twisted Pair Transceiver
Transceiver and power source for use with a Neuron processor.

TPT/XF Twisted Pair Transceivers
Bus-topology transceivers for use with a Neuron processor.



CPM 6000 - Control Point Module for Smart Grid Devices  
Allows manufacturers of devices such as solar micro-inverters, load control modules, power quality sensors, and electric vehicle chargers to quickly integrate their products into a complete market-proven smart grid system.

CPM 5000 (FT 5000 Control Module)
Twisted-pair, Free Topology FT 5000 Smart Transceiver, FT-X3 Communications Transformer, crystal oscillator, and serial memory in one package for fastest integration of LonWorks® control networking capabilities.

CPM 0600 - OSGP Module for Smart Meters  
Allows meter manufacturers to quickly convert basic electricity meters into intelligent sensing and control points to offer their customers a complete market-proven smart grid system.

Twisted-pair Control Modules
Three twisted-pair modules with a choice of free- or bus-topology Neuron® processor, Flash or PROM memory socket, and a range of data transfer speeds.

CPD 3000 - Outdoor Lighting Controller
The CPD 3000 Outdoor Lighting Controller (OLC) uses ISO compliant, power line communications technology to manage outdoor lighting luminaires in street, parking, industrial complex, and other outdoor area lighting systems