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Free Topolgy Smart Transceiver Development Resources

We have years of experience helping customers with free topology solutions for a broad range of applications. In addition to our LonWorks developer tools, we offer a wide variety of technical documentation, diagnostic tools, support programs, and training courses.

Programming solutions for the FT 3120Free Topology Smart Transceiver

Programmers available for programming FT 3120

  • BP Microsytems
    Programmer models supported: All except Model 1148
    Note: The Forced Programming option in the menu is provided only to refresh the internal memory contents and should not be used to program new devices. In this mode the programmer simply reads out the contents of the memory and rewrites them.
  • HiLo Systems
    Programmer models supported: ALL-11
    Contact programmer manufacturer for details.
  • Model 21700 Echelon Neuron® 3120 Chip programmer (discontinued product)
    The Model 21700 Echelon Neuron 3120 Chip programmer will not function wil the TP/FT10C 10MHz communication parameter.

Programming Service Vendors

(Note: Echelon has not qualified or certified the programming vendors listed below. Echelon does not assume responsibility of any damages or losses that may occur due to services related to these programming vendors)

  • Advanced Programming Services (APS)
    80 Citizen Court Unit #4 Markham, Ontario L6G 1A7 Phone: (905) 940-1116 Fax: (905) 940-1278 www.aps-prg.com
    Contact: Christine Young Phone 905-940-1116 christine@aps-prg.com
  • OPC Technologies, Inc.
    15918 Little Valley Rd Ste. B - Grass Valley, CA 95949 Phone: (530) 271-1150 Fax: (530) 687-9293 www.opct.com
    Contact: Olek Cymbalski Phone (530) 271-1150 olek@opct.com
  • Vanguard Technology Corp.
    5633 Paradise Blvd. NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 www.vanguard-tech.com Phone: (505) 898-4030 Fax: (505) 898-4349 Toll Free: 1.800.306.4406 Contact: Tanda HeadrickPhone: (505) 898-4030tanda@vanguard-tech.com

NodeBuilder® Development Tool Support

The NodeBuilder Development Tool requires a software update (service pack) to support the FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceivers. You can download service packs for the NodeBuilder tool free of charge from www.echelon.com/downloads. The FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceiver requires a minimum of Neuron Firmware Version 13. Version 17 or newer is recommended for new designs. To update to a newer version of the Neuron Firmware, you must install a service pack with the new firmware and recompile your application with the updated NodeBuilder tool.

Monitoring Transmit and Receive Activity

The FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceivers provide a COMM_ACTIVE pin to interface with LEDs to monitor receive and transmit activity (*See FAQ). This implementation is described in detail in the Communications Activity Circuit Example application note.

Note for current FTT-10A designs migrating to the FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceivers: If your application has any series resistors or LEDs on the CP0 or CP1 lines of the Neuron Chip be sure to review important precautions described in the FAQ document.

Flash Devices for the FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceiver

The following flash devices have been tested by Echelon for use with the FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceiver. Please contact the flash vendor directly for pricing, availability, datasheets, latest specifications and other 100% compatible devices (if any) in their portfolio.

Manufacturer Part # Organization Density Operating temperature
Greenliant GLS29EE512-70-4I-NH (Leaded PLCC),
GLS29EE512-70-4I-NHE (Pb Free, PLCC),
GLS29EE512-70-4I-EHE (Pb Free TSOP)
64K x 8
Sector Size 128 b
512K bit -40°C to +85°C
Greenliant GLS29EE010-70-4I-NHE (Pb Free, PLCC),
GLS29EE010-70-4I-EHE (Pb Free, TSOP)
128K x 8
Sector Size 128 b
1 M bit -40°C to +85°C


FT 3120 and FT 3150 Free Topology Smart Transceiver IC Tray / Tube Drawings

Free Topology Smart
Transceiver IC Product Number
Model Number IC Package Tray / Tube Drawings Default Communication Parameter
FT 3120-E4S40 14212R-500 32 SOIC 32LD SOIC Tube Drawing TP/FT-10 @ 10MHz
FT 3120-E4P40 14222R-800 44 TQFP FT 3120-E4P40 Tray Drawing TP/FT-10 @ 10MHz
FT 3150-P20 14230R-450 64 TQFP FT 3150-P20 Tray Drawing TP/XF-1250

For more information on ordering, please see Free Topology Smart Transceivers Frequently Asked Questions

Firmware Version Numbers for Neuron Chips and Free Topology Smart Transceivers

This table lists the memory configuration and LonTalk firmware version numbers associated with all Neuron Chips and Power Line and Free Topology Smart Transceivers currently in production.
Firmware Version Numbers for Neuron Chips and Smart Transceiver (PDF).

Differences between Firmware version 13 and version 16

The non-RoHS compliant versions of FT 3120-E4S40 and FT 3120-E4P40 have Neuron firmware version 13 in on-chip ROM. The RoHS compliant versions of the same products have Neuron firmware version 16 in on-chip ROM. Since the firmware for the PL 3150-L10 and FT 3150-P20 is in external flash or PROM, the use of Neuron firmware version 16 with these parts is optional.

Based on customer feedback, the mix of Neuron firmware functions that are contained on-chip for the FT 3120 chips has been changed.  Some of the firmware functions from Neuron firmware version 13 have been moved out of the on-chip Neuron firmware image to the general library and some new library functions have been moved from the general library to the on-chip Neuron firmware image.  Any of the functions may still be used, but functions linked in from the library will consume some of the application code space. 

The following library functions have been moved out of the on-chip Neuron firmware image from version 13 to version 16:

bcd2bin(), bin2bcd(), crc16(),