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Neuron® 5000 Processor

The Neuron® 5000 processor implements the LonWorks® control networking standard ISO/IEC14908.1 in firmware. It interfaces to a wide variety of control networking transceivers including twisted-pair, radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR), fiber-optics, and coaxial — at a wide range of data rates.


  • Complies with ISO/IEC, ANSI, EN, and GB worldwide communications standards; Supports IEEE’s Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) testing standard for faster and easier testing   
  • Supports a variety of LonWorks applications, including building automation, elevator control, and industrial control; Supports up to 254 network variables and 127 aliases for creating sophisticated control-network applications that incorporate multiple types of devices with multiple control signals
  • Small-footprint offers a lower cost node; Interfaces to an inexpensive external serial EEPROM (and optional flash memory) for storing application code
  • Internal clock scales up to 80 MHz, providing fast network control response and provides fast response to events by letting you define interrupt conditions and how they will be handled

NodeBuilder® FX Development Tool
Development tool that enables you to edit, compile, build, and debug Neuron C applications. The tools include the Neuron C Compiler, Assembler, and Linker, and also include the NodeBuilder Resource Editor, Code Wizard, Code Editor, Debugger, and Project Manager.

ShortStack® Developer’s Kit
Development tool that lets you use any microcontroller with an Echelon Smart Transceiver or Neuron processor that handles control networking functions. Available as a free download.

LonMaker® Integration Tool
Lets you install and test devices in functional networks.

LNS® Application Developer’s Kit
Development tool for network tools and apps that allows the design and deployment of high performance and highly scalable LonWorks control networks.

LNS Server
Part of the LonWorks Network Services (LNS) operating system, the LNS Server allows integrators to better manage, integrate, install, and leverage LonWorks networks. The LNS system helps ensure an open and sustainable bidding environment.

For more complete specifications, see the Neuron 5000 datasheet (PDF).

Worldwide communications standards:

  • ISO/IEC 14908-1 and 14908-2
  • ANSI 709.1 and ANSI 709.3
  • EN14908.1
  • GB/Z 20177.1-2006

Operating voltage: 3.3V

Internal clock:  scales up to 80 MHz

Channels: TP/XF-1250, EIA-485, RF, IR, fiber-optic, coaxial, link-power

Serial interface: External EEPROM and flash non-volatile memory devices

Network variable support: Up to 254 network variables

Interrupt capability: User-programmable  

Size: 7mm x 7mm 48-pin QFN package

Neuron ID: Unique 48-bit in every device for network installation and management

Input/Output: 12 I/O pins with 35 programmable standard I/O modes

Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

FT 5000 Smart Transceiver
Integrates a Neuron 5000 Processor core and a Free Topology transceiver in a single small package, along with major enhancements over previous generation FT transceivers, such as a lower voltage support (3.3V), serial external memory interface, faster system clock rate, user-defined interrupts, on-board HW multiplier and divider, and 12 I/Os.

FT 5000 Control Module 
Completely designed LonWorks control device using the FT 5000 Smart Transceiver.

FTT-10A Control Module
Completely designed LonWorks control device using the Neuron Processor core and the Free Topology FTT-10A transceiver.

FT 3120 and FT 3150 Smart Transceivers
Smart Transceivers that integrate a Neuron Processor core and an FT transceiver for 5V applications.

Router 5000
Integrates a Neuron 5000 Processor core and LonWorks router firmware to allow you to create half or full routers for LonWorks networks.

Register for free online eTraining, including these courses and others:

Introduction to Neuron C Programming
Learn about the programming language designed for Neuron Processors and Smart Transceivers.

Neuron 5000 BSDL File

Series 5000 Tools Update Patch 1
If you are using the Echelon Series 5000 chips in production devices and plan to use the device NME file for programming external EEPROM memory devices, you should apply this update to your development tools.

Series 5000 Tools Update Patch 2
If you are using the Echelon Series 5000 chips in production devices and use the SCI I/O model on those devices, you should apply this update to your development tools, and then follow the usage instructions to ensure a reliable SCI I/O data stream. No other devices that use SCI I/O are affected.

Neuron® 5000 and RS-485 Example Design
An example design of using the Neuron 5000 processor core with an industry standard external RS-485 transceiver to design a LonWorks communication channel.