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Control Nodes for Energy Control Networking

Control Nodes manage devices such as meters and application-specific Control Nodes, and in conjunction with system software, connect devices to enterprise software, operator workstations, or IT infrastructure over a LAN or WAN.

DC-1000 Data Concentrator
Manages a power line mesh of smart meters and other smart grid devices on the low-voltage distribution grid, connecting them through the WAN to system software.

DCN 3000 Distributed Control Node
Based on Echelon’s proven PLC technology powering more smart meters than any other data concentrator in the world, the DCN 3000 is the next step to a modernized grid with more computing power, greater flexibility, and better grid insight and modularity.

SmartServer 2.0
A controller and gateway with integrated Web server that manages devices and connects them to enterprise software and operator workstations, and that provides an open platform for integrating equipment, systems, and applications.