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SmartServer 2.0 Controller

A versatile controller and gateway with integrated Web server that manages devices and connects them to enterprise software and operator workstations. It provides an open platform for easy integration of equipment, systems, operator workstations, and enterprise applications. And it provides local control with built-in apps for scheduling, alarming, logging, trending, monitoring, and system control.


SmartServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 is now available.  This service pack updates the SmartServer 2.0 software to the SmartServer 2.2 release.

  • Provides unprecedented connectivity with built-in drivers for industry-standard protocols including LonWorks® free topology, power line, and IP-852, as well as available support for BACnet, Modbus RTU, Modbus IP, M-Bus, digital I/O, pulse count, and SOAP/XML Web services interfaces. The BACnet driver is available from www.connect-ex.com. Additional interfaces can be developed with custom driver support.
  • Manages up to 300 devices as a standalone network manager — or joins OpenLNS and LNS®-managed networks using seamless integration with the Echelon OpenLNS Server and LNS Server
  • Supports automatic device discovery, configuration, and commissioning.
  • Provides an open platform for both local monitoring and control as well as integration with enterprise applications for energy management of commercial buildings, branch offices, street lights, solar arrays, and others.
  • Supports customization with support for custom apps such as energy optimization, data analysis, and room and lighting control apps.
  • Includes built-in Web-user and Web-services interfaces for scheduling, alarming, data logging, meter reading, and custom applications.
  • Supports development of custom Web pages with the included i.LON® Vision tool.

The SmartServer is used in applications ranging from managed street lighting systems to remote asset management. Examples include:

  • Monitoring solar inverters in commercial solar array installations.
  • Centrally managing hundreds of schools within a school district.
  • Centrally monitoring energy use for thousands of bank branches.
  • Keeping a data center's temperature and humidity within acceptable limits while saving energy.
  • Setting streetlights to emit only the necessary amount of light.
  • Identifying energy fluctuations among thousands of quick-service restaurants.

Programming Tools for SmartServer Enterprise Applications

Create enterprise applications using the SmartServer's SOAP/XML interface. You can use any development tool that supports SOAP/XML Web services including.NET programming tools in Microsoft Visual Studio and many Java development tools. Using these tools, you can create applications that programmatically configure the SmartServer and the devices attached to the SmartServer, and you can monitor and control the data points in the SmartServer and attached devices.

SmartServer Programming Tools
The optional SmartServer Programming Tools let you create custom C and C++ apps and drivers that run on the SmartServer and that you can use to customize the functionally of the SmartServer.  You can use custom apps and drivers for a number of applications, including energy optimization, data analysis, and lighting and room control.  You can also use the tools to translate the SmartServer Web interface into a number of different languages.

Echelon Enterprise Services

Remotely deploy new sites, upgrade existing sites, automatically archive data from site data logs, and optionally integrate with an OpenLNS Server or an LNS Server.

i.LON Vision

Build visually appealing custom Web pages quickly and easily with the included i.LON Vision Web page authoring tool. This tool speeds customization, lowers costs, and helps you replicate local user interfaces for other jobs.

For complete specifications and ordering informaton, refer to the SmartServer datasheet (PDF). 

Processor: MIPS32™, 264MHz

Memory: 64MB flash memory; 64MB RAM (FT versions) or 128MB RAM (PL versions)

Channel type: TP/FT-10 free topology twisted pair (FT versions); PL-20N or PL-20C power line (PL versions)

Operating input voltage: 100 - 240Vac (-6%/+10%), 50/60Hz  

Power consumption: <15 watts

CRD 3000 Power Line/RF Bridge
For street light applications the CRD 3000 Power Line/RF Bridge allows solution providers to offer customers managed lighting solutions that use a PL/RF hybrid meshed architecture to overcome physical impediments such as tall buildings, trees, and construction projects.  Echelon's CRD 3000 installs in existing ANSI compliant pole top sockets without software tools. It uses simple on/off indicator lights to tell installers that reliable RF communications have been established within seconds of installation. As an integral infrastructure device, no changes are required to existing maintenance, management, and visualization software for LonWorks based street lighting networks using the CRD 3000 Power Line/RF Bridge.

OpenLNS Server
When used in standalone mode, the SmartServer acts as the network manager and does not require a separate network management server. When integrated into a network managed by OpenLNS or LNS, the SmartServer requires access to an OpenLNS or LNS Server. The OpenLNS or LNS Server may already be part of the network. The OpenLNS Server is available as a free download, and requires purchase and installation of an OpenLNS Server Activation Key for full capability.

OpenLNS Commissioning Tool
When used in LNS mode, the SmartServer uses an OpenLNS or LNS Server for network management. The SmartServer provides Web pages that you can use to commission and configure devices, or you can use the OpenLNS Commissioning Tool that provides a more full-featured commissioning and maintenance solution including support for OpenLNS plug-ins. The OpenLNS Commissioning Tool is a network commissioning and management tool that combines support for open LonWorks control networks with a user-friendly Microsoft Visio interface. The result is a tool that is robust enough to work with all your devices, yet economical enough to leave behind as an operation and maintenance tool.

Register for free online eTraining, including these courses and others:

  • Introduction to the LonWorks® Platform
  • Introduction to the SmartServer
  • SmartServer Building Energy Management (BEM) Edition
  • Interfacing LonWorks Devices to TCP/IP Networks
  • More SmartServer eTraining courses

Learn about our training center courses, including these and others:

  • Introduction to the LonWorks Platform
  • LonWorks Network Design
  • Using the LonMaker Integration Tool

Service Packs and Updates
SmartServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 (SmartServer 2.2)
This service pack provides updates to the SmartServer 2.0 software. The service pack requires a prior installation of the SmartServer 2.0 software, and updates the SmartServer 2.0 software to the SmartServer 2.2 release. This release includes updates to SmartServer firmware, i.LON Vision, and SmartServer Enterprise Services. Key updates include support for peer-to-peer connections in standalone mode, support for more devices and datapoints in standalone mode, Windows 8 compatibility, improved Web page performance, and support for current versions of the Internet Explorer (IE 11 requires SmartServer 2.2 Update 1 also), Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers. See the read me documents below for additional details.

Echelon SmartServer JAX-ES Programming Example
This archive file contains the files needed to setup the Echelon SmartServer JAX-ES programming example. Extract this file to a local drive on your computer. See Chapter 22 of the i.LON SmartServer 2.0 Programmer's Reference for more information on setting up the Java programming environment for the SmartServer and writing custom SmartServer Java applications.

Additional Service Packs and Updates for Prior Releases
See the complete SmartServer and i.LON 100 download listing

iLON® 100 Internet Server
Code samples