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Tools for Development

Tools for developing LonWorks® control networking applications and management tools.

OpenLNS Server
For developing applications, tools, and plug-ins for Microsoft Windows that configure, manage, maintain, monitor, and control LonWorks devices.

NodeBuilder® FX Development Tool
For creating control networking applications for devices using Series 5000 and Series 3100 Neuron® ICs and smart transceivers.  

ShortStack® FX Developer’s Kit
Free kit for programming a primary microprocessor to use an Echelon microprocessor or smart transceiver to run control networking operations of up to 254 network variables.

Mini FX Evaluation Kit 
Supports evaluation of LonWorks control networking through writing, compiling, and loading applications in devices equipped with a Neuron processor

FTXL Developer's Kit
Free tool for building  LonWorks-enabled products using the FTXL 3190 transceiver solution.

Microprocessor Interface Program (MIP) Developer’s Kit 
Enables a product’s main microprocessor to use a Neuron® chip as a coprocessor for control networking applications of up to 4,096 network variables.

LNS® DDE Server 
For using a DDE or SuiteLink-compatible Microsoft® Windows® application to monitor and control LonWorks networks without programming.  

LonBridge™ Server 
For writing applications that monitor and control interoperable self-installation (ISI) devices on a LonWorks network.

OpenLDV Software Developer's Kit 
For enabling Microsoft Windows applications to send and receive LonWorks messages through compatible Echelon and third-party network interfaces.

PLCA-22 Power Line Communications Analyzer
Lets you measure key communication parameters inlcuding Signal-to-noise ratio, Attenuation tolerance/communication margin, and more.

Power Line Development Support Kit
Provides reference designs and layout tool support for external discrete interface circuitry for power line smart transceivers.