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Microprocessor Interface Program (MIP) Developer's Kit

With the MIP Developer’s Kit, you can develop applications for any microcontroller that uses an Echelon smart transceiver or Neuron® processor to run control networking operations.

  • Adds robust control networking functionality to your device by leveraging its existing 8-, 16-, or 32-bit microcontroller and software  

  • Provides for host applications to send and receive network variable updates and application messages, poll network variables, and network management and diagnostic messages

  • Supports up to 4,096 network variables

  • Provides user extension of the host API to support dynamic network variables
  • Includes a MIP library that you use to create a firmware image for any smart transceiver or Neuron processor  
  • Transmits hundreds of packets per second with minimum host overhead using a parallel interface from the host to the network interface

The primary development tool when using the MIP kit is your preferred development tool for the host microcontroller.

For complete specifications, see the Model 23200 MIP/P20 and MIP/P50 Developer's Kit datasheet (PDF).

Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7 (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), or Windows XP

Minimum Hardware

  • Windows-compatible Intel or AMD 600MHz processor
  • 2GB RAM for Windows 7 or Windows Vista, 512MB RAM for Windows XP
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • 1,024 x 768 or higher-resolution display with at least 256 colors
  • Mouse or other Windows compatible pointing device
  • 300 to 550 MB free hard-disk space

Model 23200 MIP/P20 and MIP/P50 Developer's Kit datasheet (PDF)
The MIP/P20 is optimized for the Neuron 3120® processor or smart transceiver. The MIP/P50 offers higher performance and is intended for use on a Neuron 3150® processor or smart transceiver.

Introduction to the LonWorks  Platform  (PDF)

Transceivers and ICs
Series 5000 Chip Data Book (PDF)

PL 3120/PL 3150/PL 3170 Power Line Transceiver Data Book (PDF)

MIP User's Guide (PDF)
Host Application Programmer's Guide (PDF)  
Neuron C Programmer’s Guide (PDF)
Neuron C Reference Guide (PDF)
Neuron Tools Errors Guide (PDF)

ShortStack Developer's Kit
The free ShortStack kit also allows programming a host microprocessor to use an Echelon component to run networking operations. It differs from the MIP kit in that it is free, creates much less and more portable code for faster and simpler porting, and offers better interface development tools and a simpler hardware interface. On the other hand, the MIP kit supports 4,096 network variables (the ShortStack kit only 254), and its API can be extended to support dynamic network variables, which the ShortStack kit cannot.  

NodeBuilder Development Tool
You can use the NodeBuilder Development Tool to create LonWorks devices that incorporate an Echelon Series 5000 or Series 3100 Neuron microprocessor or smart transceiver that do not include a separate host processor.  The NodeBuilder tool creates application images that run natively on the Series 5000 or Series 3100 processor.  You can also use the NodeBuilder tool’s Code Wizard to accelerate the development of the Neuron C interface specifications used as input to the LonTalk Interface Developer.

Other Products
The i.LON® 600 router and SmartServer remote network interfaces (RNIs), as well as the PCLTA, PCC, U10, and U20 network interfaces all incorporate firmware that provides an ISO/IEC 14908-1 layer 5 interface similar to the MIP. The i.LON 600 router and SmartServer RNIs provide read-only layer 2 options for supporting protocol analyzers. The PCLTA, PCC, U10, and U20 network interfaces provide layer 2 options for supporting protocol analyzers and host protocol implementations such as the ISO/IEC 14908-1 protocol stack implemented by the LNS Server. You can use either an LNS Server or an OpenLDV Network Driver to implement host applications on Windows with any of these interfaces.  The LNS Server provides a significantly easier to use interface than OpenLDV.

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  • Introduction to the LonWorks Platform
  • LonWorks Network Design
  • Using the LonMaker Integration Tool
  • LonWorks Device Development

Register for free online eTraining, including these courses and others:

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  • Device Developers Introduction to LonWorks
  • LonWorks Device Development
  • Introduction to Neuron C Programming
  • Series 5000 Processor Development
  • Smart Transceivers and Neuron® Processors
  • Interfacing LonWorks Devices to TCP/IP Networks

MIP/P20 and MIP/P50 Example Driver for the Motorola 68HC11

MIP/P20 and MIP/P50 Example Driver and Schematics for the Motorola MC683xx

ShortStack FX Developer’s Kit  

ShortStack FX ARM7 Example Port
Example source code for three ShortStack FX example applications, the ShortStack FX host API, and a ShortStack FX serial driver ported to an ARM7 processor.

Series 5000 Tools Update Patch 1