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Echelon Training Course Catalog

We offer courses from introductory to advanced, for every level of user. All courses provide practical, solutions-based, hands-on experience so you can practice what you learn.

Custom and On-site Training
Let us customize our courses for you — or bring any of our regularly scheduled courses to your location for on-site training. Get more information.

Scheduled Courses

100 - Introduction to the LonWorks Platform - 1 Day - $350
In the US and UK, this course has been replaced by LonWorks Control Technology eTraining. /support/training/etraining.htm
Learn LonWorks fundamentals and terminology, and discover how LonWorks control networks are used. You'll get an overview of control networks and the technical aspects of the LonTalk® protocol. Four laboratories will help you become familiar with the technology and features of the LonMaker® Integration tool, which is used to design and commission LonWorks networks. You'll also learn how LonWorks Learning Paths can help you develop your personal training curriculum.
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201 - LonWorks Network Design - 3 Days - $1,500
A must for all building automation systems integrators, project managers, consultants, new LonWorks engineers, and anyone preparing to take the LonMark Certified Professional Exam. This class is more than just a preparatory course, however; you'll also learn the complete LonWorks control network design process, including choosing components and architecture, installing and configuring the network, optimizing network resources, and maintaining and documenting control networks. Plenty of exercises and job aids will help you with your own control network implementation and give you a solid foundation of LonWorks knowledge.
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202 - Exam Prep - LonMark® Certified Professional (Webinar) - $620
A must for anyone planning to take the LonMark Certified Professional Exam. This live online class, delivered in three 90 minute segments over successive days covers all facets of the LonMark Certified Professional (LCP) requirements, giving you the background you need to successfully take the exam. In addition to the class, you will be provided 15 days access to an extensive online study guide and numerous interactive practice quizzes to ensure optimal comfort level with the material before taking the exam.
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301 - Using the LonMaker Integration Tool - 2 Days - $1,195
This intensive laboratory course teaches you how to customize, simplify, and shorten the control network design and installation process by using the advanced features of the LonMaker Integration Tool. You'll use the tool to design, install, and recover networks. You'll leave class with plenty of technical tips and LonMaker skills to accelerate your LonWorks control network design cycle, while improving network performance and organization.
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401 - LonWorks Device Development - 4 Days - $1,795
This course, designed for engineers developing their first LonWorks device, focuses extensively on designing devices that meet LonMark interoperability guidelines. You'll practice designing, debugging, and testing new LonWorks devices using the Neuron C programming language and Echelon's device and control network development tools.
LonWorks Device Development is also available as a free online eTraining course.
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801 - NES Jump Start - 1 Day - $750
The NES Jump Start training provides you with an overview of the NES platform, its architecture and components “from the ground up”. This includes understanding the different NES hardware components (Meters, Data concentrators) as well as the underlying System Software. On completion of the course, you will have the ability to set up and use a fully operational end-to-end NES installation.
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810 - OSGP MEP (Multi-Purpose Expansion Port) development - 2 Days - $1500
The Multi-Purpose Expansion Port (MEP) provides a connection interface for adding arbitrary hardware to an NES solution via certain OSGP Devices. This makes it possible to incorporate e.g. additional sensors, metering solutions and communication interfaces into your NES system. This course will teach you the basics of MEP, enabling you to start your own MEP device development.
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830 - NES System Software API Programming - 1 Day - $750
The NES API Programming course presents the underlying architecture and methodology for programmatically connecting to an NES system, and will enable you to create your own programs to interface with System Software. You’ll learn how to request data from the system and issue commands to perform against the different elements of the NES solution, like Meters, Data Concentrators and the System Software itself through direct hands-on programming exercises.
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850 - NES Powerline Troubleshooting - 1 Day - $750
The NES PLC Troubleshooting class provides an overview on general PLC concepts and NES specific details, as well as practical hands-on labs and diagnostics exercises which will enable to perform your own NES PLC problem diagnosis and troubleshooting.
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860 - NES Meter Features and Provisioning - 1 Day - $750
The NES Meter Feature and Provisioning course presents the available Hardware and Firmware features of Echelon’s Smart Electrical meters and walks you through the possible configuration settings, available setup tools and methods. It will also prepare you for deciding which meter options and features are the best ones for your use case, and teach you how to correctly set up Echelon Meters to provide you with the Smart Grid data you need.
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