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Customer Story

Johnson Controls and Fort Hood

This is cutting-edge technology that will help Fort Hood not only reduce energy waste and save dollars, but also provide a standard platform to the Army, which will help reduce its dependency on proprietary control systems that cost millions.
— Richard Strohl, Department of Public Works engineering technician

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Control Networking

Networking everyday devices
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Our hardware and software technologies are used to network and control everyday devices and systems. These everyday systems are implemented in buildings, cities, and the electric grid. We believe that the value in a control network increases dramatically with the number of nodes and applications networked together, and so we pay particular attention to the emerging energy control interactions between the smart grid, smart cities, and smart buildings.

Our innovation portfolio, which includes more than 100 granted U.S. patents, is constructed around making reliable communications and control networks that are low in cost, easy to install, easy to get working, easy to maintain and diagnose, easy to expand, and very flexible to accommodate future applications and needs. These technologies are the bedrock of our proven, open standard, and multi-application energy control networking platform that enables our customers and partners to bring energy management solutions to market faster.

Our energy control networking platform consists of three tiers: a device tier, a control node tier, and an enterprise tier. At the device tier, devices act as peers working together to accomplish the system function. At the control node tier, different control technologies are unified and supervised so that local decisions can be made out near the devices. At the enterprise tier we tie the controls to the IT systems so business rules can be provided to the control system and operational data archived for later analysis.

Echelon’s Energy Control Networking Platform