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The proven LonWorks® standard and technology encompasses all the elements necessary to design, install, monitor, and control a network of diverse devices.

LonWorks technology, now an open standard used throughout the world, was developed to solve a problem of traditional control networks — that the nodes that comprised them had to be specifically designed to work together.

Instead, the LonWorks standard provides for nodes to just work together, without any prior arrangement, even if they come from different companies and developers. It provides a way for devices to exchange information and cooperate. To become, in effect, a federation of peers.

The LonWorks protocol meets the 18 most stringent requirements unique to device control networking.

Echelon provides a comprehensive set of transceivers, control nodes, and software tools that OEMs and integrators can use to bring their LonWorks products and services to market faster.

Additionally, the LonMark® International industry association is responsible for bringing together hundreds of device manufacturers and integrators to facilitate interoperability.


The LonWorks platform is used for many diverse applications that span Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and the Smart Grid.

  • Smart Buildings: HVAC controls, elevator/escalator controls, irrigation, lighting, security
  • Smart Cities: Street lighting, buses and subway systems, theater lighting and stage
  • Smart Grid: Advanced metering, demand response, distribution automation
  • Other Smart Controls such as:
    • Commercial Automation – liquor dispensing, livestock management, medical instrumentation, office machine automation, supermarket checkout, patient monitoring, highway toll collection, restaurant automation, slot and vending machine control, traffic and street lighting
    • Industrial Automation – circuit board diagnostics, semiconductor fab plants, paper manufacture, high speed printing, asset tracking
    • Passenger and freight rail transportation – propulsion, braking, signage, lighting