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The LonTalk® Protocol Downloadable Reference

LonWorks®-based devices communicate using a standard protocol that is embedded in Neuron® processors. The protocol is a worldwide standard, and since 1999 has been available for use on any processor using the downloadable reference implementation.

Protocol Patent License Agreement

What is Echelon’s Protocol Patent License Agreement?

The protocol, the subject of numerous Echelon patents, enables highly reliable, peer-to-peer as well as hierarchical networking among control devices manufactured by different suppliers. Achieving interoperability among devices requires that the protocol be implemented consistently within all networked devices. The license agreement stipulates this consistency and allows implementation without infringing Echelon patents.

How does Echelon ensure that the terms of the Protocol Patent License Agreement are followed?

We conduct random tests of devices that incorporate the licensed protocol. In addition, we investigate any reported device problems or behavior believed to be associated with an improper implementation of the protocol.

What happens if the protocol is not fully implemented by a licensee?

The Agreement mandates that the protocol be fully implemented without exception. Full implementation of the protocol is mandatory to ensure interoperability between devices. Partial protocol implementations, user-modifiable protocol implementations, and deviations from the protocol specification jeopardize interoperability and accordingly are explicitly prohibited and constitute grounds for termination of the Agreement. The Agreement clearly specifies remedies in the event of non-compliance.