Area & Street Lighting

Echelon offers a sophisticated, comprehensive, open standards-based approach to outdoor lighting control that makes it easy and affordable for lighting owners to increase the efficiency, safety, and versatility of their municipal and commercial lighting systems.

Area Lighting Street Lighting

  • Boost energy savings of high-efficiency lighting systems through adaptive lighting control
  • Improve public safety and satisfaction with better overall lighting quality
  • Preserve historical and decorative lights while modernizing their control

Auto Dealerships

Adding an intelligent network by Echelon to a LED upgrade allows dealerships to realize energy and operational savings while enhancing show lots and the customer experience.

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  • Aesthetically illuminate dealership lots, and maximize energy efficiency and safety
  • Dim light levels at low-traffic times to reduce energy costs
  • Reduce light levels on back lots to further reduce energy usage and costs

Building Automation

Echelon enables OEMs, application developers, and integrators to rapidly build innovative and interoperable solutions that meet the unique requirements of the IIoT, which include autonomous control, industrial-strength reliability, and legacy protocol support.


  • Reduce energy consumption, capital costs, operating costs, and maintenance
  • More accurately control business-critical conditions
  • Establish a platform for additional networked applications


Throughout the world, modern railroad systems are implementing Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, including those based on the LonWorks® industry-standard networking protocols. And using advanced IIoT technologies such as those provided by Echelon’s IzoT™ platform, trains can operate more efficiently and safely.


  • Ensure safe and optimal operation at high speeds
  • Automate braking for very long freight trains
  • Implement dynamic scheduling for light rail passenger systems


Echelon specializes in the industrial control networking technologies at the heart of these machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Echelon provides robust, accurate, and flexible technology that works with both wired and wireless communications, delivered as integrated circuits (ICs), modules, network interfaces and gateways, routers, software, and development and integration tools.


  • Integrate multivendor devices into a single, extensible architecture
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Achieve industrial-grade reliability


The IzoT™ Platform is an IP-enabled family of chips, stacks, interfaces, and management software that enables the development of devices, for the Industrial Internet of Things.

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  • Learn the basic skills necessary to create and monitor an IzoT-based control network
  • Echelon turns the promise of the IIoT into tangible, transformative solutions
  • Echelon-enabled devices lie at the center of innovation

Echelon Technology for Outdoor Lighting

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