As IoT moves to the mainstream, what are the important features and capabilities needed to IoT and IIoT devices to compute and interconnect with one another? In this webinar, we explore connectivity, multimedia, compute power and software apps that make up the IoT ecosystem.

During the presentation we discussed why IP-based control networking is inevitable, that there will be more Industrial IoT devices than Consumer IoT or smart phones by 2020 and that IIoT requirements are unique. IIoT devices and applications need a different platform that can reduce development time and low risk. As an example IIoT business case we discussed the needs and solutions for adaptive lighting.

Key learning points

  • What are the unique IIoT requirements
  • Compelling business case: adaptive lighting controls
  • Strong growth forecast in the LED and lighting controls market
  • Echelon provides comprehensive lighting control solutions - Power line, radio frequency, Hybrid (PL+RF)

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