The next generation power line controller, CLP 4000, by Echelon is designed for connected smart lighting applications. With faster and smarter transceiver technology, multiple luminaire control options, and native support for advanced sensors, Echelon clears the way for the convergence of IoT and lighting with applications such as white tuning, safe adaptive lighting, dynamic traffic analysis and incident lighting control. 

Designed for use with Echelon’s LumInsight™ Cloud and Enterprise Central Management System software, cities and enterprises can now deploy a future-proof smart lighting network.

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  • Provides LonTalk (ISO/IEC 14908-1 and -3) compliant, power line-based, two-way communication between lamps and segment controllers
  • Safety enhancements with on-demand light, call box and cross-walk integration and school cross walk flashers
  • Comfort and convenience improvements with white tuning, traffic counting and parking availability
  • Energy savings with adaptive dimming of lights and identification of day burners
  • Maintenance efficiencies with predictive failure notification and lamp type identification CLP_4000_Sellsheet.png
  • Enables scheduling, alarming, notifications, and remote command and control at every light point
  • Provides vital luminaire and power condition data to the segment controller that reduces energy use and operating costs
  • Optimizes communications with integrated power line meshing
  • Future proofs lighting systems with remote firmware update ability
  • Eliminates need for photocells by use of segment controller's time and astronomic-based scheduling

How does the competition stack up?

  Product Specifications     Echelon's Solution    Competitors' Solutions  
  2-way PL communication  
  0-10V output  

  DALI output  

  Sealed for moisture protection - IP66    
  Multiple luminaire control  

  1% metering accuracy  

  Native sensor support  

  12V supply for sensors  
  Power factor correction  
  Standby mode  
  Power line repeating  

Diagram of a power line lighting system using the CLP 4000 (PL LC)

clp4000 capture dali 16_450x300.png

CLP 4000 Sellsheet

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