Learn how you can benefit from adding outdoor lighting controls:

Reduce Energy Use

Increase Public Safety

Lower Maintenance Costs

Watch the webinar recording that will focus on benefits and value of lighting controls as applicable to Universities, Educational Campuses and Parking Lots.

Key Learning Points:

Basic understanding of the main components of a Lighting Control System 

Benefits of Lighting Controls 

Case Study of a major US University deploying thousands of street, pathway and area lights with a Wireless Outdoor Lighting Control System 

Results and Best Practices learned 

Use Case examples


Kelly Cunningham, Outreach Director at the CLTC at the University of California, Davis. Kelly is responsible for the outreach components of CLTC’s research and technology demonstration projects, and she leads many of the Center’s efforts to deploy new, energy-saving lighting technologies into the broader market. Kelly also co-designs and teaches education and training programs on lighting technologies and topics related to California’s Energy Efficiency standards.

Jay Canteenwala, Product Marketing Director- Lighting IIoT at Echelon Corp. Jay current focus is driving Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT) solutions focusing on Lighting Controls and Building Automation.

Who should watch:

Facilities Managers/Directors of University/College Campuses 

Property Managers/Owners of University/College Campuses 

Parking Lots Managers/Owners 

Consulting Specifying Engineers - Outdoor Lighting 

Lighting Technologies Engineers/Managers

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