Explore the rewards of smart outdoor lighting control with Echelon’s low-cost pilot program

Echelon’s LumInsight lighting control system delivers reliable operation, predictive maintenance and actionable data reporting while helping to reduce costs and your CO2 footprint, without compromising security or energy efficiency. Echelon’s flexible and scalable smart lighting solutions are built on a future-proof technology platform, ideal for applications from educational campuses to city-wide deployments. They provide:

  • Enhanced safety and security with adaptive lighting features
  • Up to 70% energy savings and carbon reductions with adaptive intelligent control
  • Extended lifecycle of lighting infrastructure
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Integrated lighting control and connectivity, regardless of fixture or lamp type
  • Opportunities for integration with indoor lighting and other building systems
  • Ability to implement smart city applications now and in the future

Join the growing community of successful cities and campuses ranging from Cambridge to the University of California - Davis in using Echelon smart outdoor lighting!


Your Pilot Kit can be wireless or power line based:

Wireless Pilot Kit includes:

  • 5 TOP900TLX wireless lighting controllers for ANSI 136.41-ready fixtures
  • 1 LumInsight IoT Gateway
  • 1 cellular modem with SIM card
  • 180 days cellular service (activated upon shipment)
  • 180 days subscription to LumInsight 2 Cloud Central Management System (CMS)

Power Line Pilot Kit Includes: 

  • 5 CPD 3000 outdoor lighting controllers
  • 1 SmartServer Power Line segment controller
  • 1 cellular modem with SIM card
  • 2 power line filters
  • 180 days cellular service (activated upon shipment)
  • 180 days license for LumInsight Cloud central management system (CMS) software (activated upon shipment)

Pilot Program Terms and Conditions:

Special terms and conditions provided in participation agreement apply, including:

  • Pilot kit will be invoiced on shipment. Net 30 payment terms.
  • Participants wishing to continue the installation beyond the pilot period must contact Echelon to transfer cellular service and assume financial responsibility for cellular service at that time.

For more information, contact your local Echelon Sales representative, or simply fill in and submit the form on this page.

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