White tuning

White tuning adjusts light color, in conjunction with intensity, from soothing warm yellow to cooler white hues based on activity levels, time of day, weather and events. Residents, businesses and visitors alike benefit from street or neighborhood level customized lighting throughout the evening and nighttime hours, enjoying optimal visibility and ambience.

Take a look at the first deployment in White Bear Lake, Minnesota


Weather cognitive adaptive lighting provides dynamic responsiveness for peak visual acuity and comfort, both for drivers as well as pedestrians. During challenging weather conditions such as heavy rainstorms, fog, blizzards and dust storms, street or area lighting can dynamically increase or decrease in brightness to optimize human interactions with their surroundings during day- or night time hours.

Traffic Counting

Driven by Echelon’s Cognitive Cameras, adaptive lighting based on dynamic traffic volume enables customized light levels at critical intersections to optimize both energy performance and safety.

View the Spokane, Washington project where this technology is being tested

Emergency Scene Assist

Integrates emergency call box with existing smart lighting system to provide dynamic lighting response in an emergency event, alerting first responders and occupants nearby as well as enhancing safety in high-risk areas such as campuses and parking garages.

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