Key Features

  • 3.3V operation.
  • Higher-performance Neuron® Core-internal system clock scales up to 80MHz.
  • Substantial device price reduction.
  • Serial memory interface for inexpensive external EEPROM and flash non-volatile memories.
  • Supports up to 254 Network Variables (NVs) and 127 aliases.
  • Low-cost surface mount FT-X3 Communications Transformer.
  • User-programmable interrupts provide faster response time to external events.
  • Includes hardware UART with 16-byte receive and transmit FIFOs.
  • 7 mm x 7 mm 48-pin QFN package.
  • Supports polarity-insensitive free topology star, daisy chain, bus, loop, or mixed topology wiring.

Tech Specs

​Data Communications Type

Differential Manchester encoding.
Network Polarity
  • Polarity insensitive.
​Isolation between Network and FT 5000 IC
  • 0-60Hz, 60 seconds: 1,000Vrms; 0-60Hz, continuous: 277Vrms1.
  • Designed to comply with FCC Part 15 Subpart B and EN55022 Level B.

  • Designed to comply with EN 61000-4-2, Level 4.
​Radiated Electromagnetic Susceptibility
  • Designed to comply with EN 61000-4-3, Level 3.
​Fast Transient/Burst Immunity
  • Designed to comply with EN 61000-4-4, Level 4.
​Surge Immunity
  • Designed to comply with EN 61000-4-5, Level 3.
​Conducted RF Immunity
  • Designed to comply with EN 61000-4-6, Level 3.
​Transmission Speed
  • 78 kilobits per second.
​Number of Transceivers per Segment
  • Up to 64.
​Network Wiring
  • 24 to 16AWG twisted pair; see Series 5000 Chip Data Book or Junction Box and Wiring Guidelines engineering bulletin for qualified cable types.

Network Length in Free Topology2
  • 500m (1,640 feet) maximum total wire with no repeaters.
  • 500m (1,640 feet) maximum
​Network Length in Doubly-terminated Bus Topology2
  • 2700m (8,850 feet) with no repeaters.

​Maximum Stub Length in Doubly-termi­nated Bus Topology
  • 3m (9.8 fe 
Network Termination
  • One terminator in free topology; two terminators in bus topology (more details in Series 5000 Chip Data Book).
​Power-down Network Protection
  • High impedance when unpowered.
​Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 85 °C
​Operating Humidity
  • 25-90% RH @50 °C, non-condensing (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).
​Non-operating Humidity
  • 95% RH @ 50 °C, non-condensing (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).
  • 1.5g peak-to-peak, 8Hz-2kHz (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).
​Mechanical Shock
  • 100g (peak) (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).
​Reflow Soldering Temperature Profile
  • Refer to Joint Industry Standard document IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1 (March 2008).
  • Peak Reflow Soldering Temperature
  • 260°C (FT 5000 Smart Transceiver).245°C (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).

  • 0.12 mm (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).
  • 6g (FT-X3 Communications Transformer).

FT 5000 Smart Transceiver Datasheet


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