Key Features

  • Ethernet link for LAN connection or cellular link via built in universal modem for compatibility with ANY wireless carrier
  • Supports up to 2,000 controllers within a 3 kilometer line of sight
  • AES 128-bit encryption for wireless data transmission
  • Internet protocol (TCP/IP) to network and IEEE 802.15.4 for RF communication with controllers
  • Mounts directly to a wall or pole inside of UL approved IP66 light weight high temperature polycarbonate housing
  • Extendable antennae port for mounting to top of building
  • Lightning surge arrestor at all antennae ports
  • Works in severe outdoor environmental conditions without service interruptions

Tech Specs

RF Specification

Network Type: Star-Mesh Repeater

Standard: IEEE 802.15.4

Frequency: 902-928 MHz

Power: +24 dBm

Range: 3 km Line of Sight

Number of Controllers Supported: 2,000

Connectivity Specifications

Cellular Connection Method: Universal 3G Carriers

Ethernet Connection Method: Wired Ethernet 10/100

Mounting and Interface Specifications

Housing: Polycarbonate

Mounting: Wall or Pole 

Dimensions: H: 14.1" / W: 10.0" / D: 5.25"

Operating Specifications

IP Rating: NEMA 4x (IP66)

Temperature Range (Base Station Box): -30 to +70 °C

Voltage: 120-240 (50/60 Hz) transformer needed for 277v

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty. Warranty excludes battery shelf-life related issues. Subject to terms and conditions found at


FCC and IC compliant

Cellular Carrier Certified

Lumewave Gateway Datasheet


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