Key Features

  • Detection processing: real time FFT
  • Detection Range: 100' pedestrian, 400' heavy vehicle
  • Microwave (FFT Doppler based) sensor
  • MWX control application software
  • Cable connections / wiring

Tech Specs

Operating Voltage

12 VDC (To be powered by UL listed Class 2 Power Source)


60 mA single sensor, 120 mA dual direction

Set Sensor Sensitivity

Direction A and/or B = High, Med, Low, Disable (individually)

Set Motion Filter

Pedestrian and Vehicle

Radar Frequency

X Band, 10.250 GHz

Power Output/Direction

+17 dBm, 50 mW

Detection Processing

FFT simultaneously detects speed of pedestrian and traffic in real-time

Control Configuration
  • MWX-LVE-180U (2-Way) Microwave Sensor w/4-wire interface to Lumewave Controllers
  • MWX-LVE-180U (2-Way) Microwave Sensor + MWX-PP (Smart Power Pack)
  • Use Smart Power Pack for stand-alone fixture control

5-year limited warranty. Warranty excludes battery shelf-life related issues. Subject to terms and conditions found at

Lumewave MWX-LVE-180U Microwave Sensor Datasheet


MWX-LVE-180U Microwave Sensor Quick Start Guide


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