• Embrace existing industrail devices
  • Extend to emerging IoT protocols and applications
  • Enhance with insights from cloud analytics and AI services

SmartServer IoT’s revolutionary open and extensible architecture connects new and legacy industrial devices to the cloud with secure modern messaging protocol and rich APIs for Web Services and Controls. It dramatically reduces time to deploy IoT applications from months to hours with out-of-the-box connectivity options and built-in network services. Easily create and deploy custom applications or dashboards with device management and web services APIs.

Typical SmartServer IoT use cases:

Extend the life of installed base

Don’t rip and replace – add new capabilities to existing systems

Cloud-enable new and existing installations

Improve the customer experience with cloud hosted management and enterprise services

Enable AI and analytic services

Access industrial system data to take intelligent and predictive actions

Smarter Cities, Buildings and Factories

Connect multiple control systems and sensor networks for seamless operations

Key SmartServer IoT features:

  • Interfaces for the most popular Industrial IoT protocols including LON, BACnet, Modbus and M-Bus, as well as other field protocols, eliminating the requirement to develop and integrate protocol stacks
  • Connectivity to cloud services based on MQTT for secure and easy IT set up
  • Built-in management apps and services such as scheduling, data logging and alarming running at the edge for responsive and reliable systems
  • Open REST APIs that provide standard web services interfaces for accelerating web application development
  • Linux platform with standardized development tools for simplifying controls applications and custom interfaces or drivers
  • Central Management System (CMS) application with a user-friendly web-based UI for simplifying workflows 
  • Multi-channel support with optional I/O expansion for flexibility and lower system cost
  • Compatibility with existing open installation tools for creating and provisioning networks

SmartServer IoT is designed for both OEMs and system integrators, speeding and enhancing industrial IoT solution development and deployment.

OEM benefits

  • Faster time to market: Out-of-the-box support for industrial protocols and services
  • Differentiated, competitive offerings: Choice in cloud hosting, choice in network types, choice in supported devices
  • Focus on core competency, not on networking: Easy-to-use APIs without the need for extensive networking and cloud experience

Integrator benefits

  • Better project ROI: Reduced development time, faster project deployment
  • Flexibility in implementation: Choice of multiple interfaces and protocols, ecosystem of interoperable devices
  • Customer satisfaction and business outcome: Cloud analytics and insights

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Download article “Accessing Data: The currency of the IoT and The lifeblood of Artificial Intelligence” by Andrew Maisel and Rich Blomseth

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