SmartServer IoT’s revolutionary open and extensible architecture connects any industrial device to the cloud with modern connectivity and security options and a rich API. It dramatically reduces time to deploy IoT applications from years to weeks with out-of-the-box OT and IT connectivity options and built-in network services. Easily create and deploy custom applications or dashboards with device management and web services API’s.

If you are an OEM searching for a connectivity and cloud solution, you will love the

  • Wide choice for networking options and field protocols including LON, BACnet, Modbus, MQTT, and REST
  • Built in services to manage data and devices including scheduling, logging, and alarming
  • Ability to create custom dashboards and connect to any cloud service
  • Native support for Echelon’s industry leading LON FT and power line device level SOCs, and high-speed twisted pair transceivers

If you are an Integrator searching for a programmable edge server, you will love the

  • Rich set of easy-to-use API’s for creating and running applications
  • Ready-to-use LumInsight 2 cloud based device management CMS
  • Interoperability with an open community of devices
  • Compatibility with Echelon’s popular network design and management tools

Key features include:

  • Interfaces for the most popular Industrial IoT device protocols including LON, BACnet, and Modbus, eliminating the requirement to develop and integrate protocol stacks
  • Integrated open Echelon IoT Access Protocol (IAP™) provides modern standard web services interfaces based on MQTT and REST, accelerating application development with high-level services
  • Programmable and extensible Linux platform for simple application development using standard Linux development tools and libraries combined with the powerful IAP API
  • Built-in scheduling, logging, and alarming services for responsive and reliable systems without custom application development
  • Supports up to 1000 PL devices, 2000 total devices, and 100,000 datapoints
  • Multi-channel support with optional local I/O expansion and built-in LON network management for lower system cost

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