Series 5000 Tools Update Patch 1


Last Update: 09 Nov 2010

Part Number: 153-0355-01A

If you are using the Echelon series 5000 chips in production devices, and plan to use the device NME file for programming external EEPROM chips, you should apply this update to your development tools. Affected tools include:

NodeBuilder FX Development Tool – versions through Service Release 1 (4.01)

Mini FX Evaluation Kit – versions through Service Release 1 (4.01)

ShortStack FX Developer’s Kit – versions through FX (4.00)

The NodeBuilder/Mini Update allows the exported NME files to properly set the “Run While Unconfigured” attribute in the runtime code image. This attribute is used by many application images that implement self- configuration, including Interoperable Self-Installation (ISI), and also by the ShortStack MicroServer images.

The ShortStack Update includes updated versions of the two NME file ShortStack MicroServer images for the series 5000 chips.

See the Read Me document for more information and installation instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need a unique serial number to run this product. Please find the Serial Number below on downloading the software.

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