SmartServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 (SmartServer 2.2)

Routers, Controllers and Gateways

Last Update: 31 Dec 2013

Part Number: 153-0547-01A

This service pack provides updates to the SmartServer 2.0 software. The service pack requires a prior installation of the SmartServer 2.0 software, and updates the SmartServer 2.0 software to the SmartServer 2.2 release. This release includes updates to SmartServer firmware, i.LON Vision, and SmartServer Enterprise Services. Key updates include support for peer-to-peer connections in standalone mode, support for more devices and datapoints in standalone mode, Windows 8 compatibility, improved Web page performance, and support for current versions of the Internet Explorer (IE 11 requires SmartServer 2.0 SP4 Update 1 also), Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browsers. See the read me documents below for additional details.

Echelon i.LON SmatServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 Read Me (Release 4.06.048)
Echelon Enterprise Service 2.0 Service Pack 4 Read Me (Release 4.06.048)
Echelon i.LON Vision Service Pack 4 Read Me (Release 4.06.048)

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