SmartServer 2.2 Service Pack 1

Routers, Controllers and Gateways

Last Update: 01 Sep 2014

Part Number: 153-0563-01A

This service pack (SmartServer 2.2 Service Pack 1) provides updates to the SmartServer 2.2 software. This service pack adds support for Internet Explorer 11, Secure (SSL/TLS) SMTP connections, OpenSSL chained/intermediate certificates, large network variables (up to 228 bytes), and RFC 1123 compliant hostname support to the SmartServer 2.2 software. You must have a prior installation of the SmartServer 2.2 software to install this service pack. If you are using SmartServer 2.0 or SmartServer 2.1, you can download and install Echelon i.LON SmatServer 2.0 Service Pack 4 (Release 4.06.048) to update your software to SmartServer 2.2. See the Echelon i.LON SmatServer 2.2 Service Pack 1 Readme for additional details.

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