SmartServer 2.2 Service Pack 2

Routers, Controllers and Gateways

Last Update: 02 Apr 2015

Part Number: 153-0590-01A

This service pack updates to the SmartServer software to Release 4.07. This service pack adds support for Echelon's CRD 4000 RF Border Router and CPD 4000 RF Outdoor Lighting Controller, and fixes problems that occurred when reading corrupted configuration properties and managing compressed data logs. You must have a prior installation of the SmartServer 2.2, 2.1, or 2.0 software to install this service pack. To upgrade the i.LON 100 e3 Plus or SmartServer 1.0 software, you can purchase a license for the SmartServer 2.2 Software and the software will be provided to you as a software download. The SmartServer 2.2 SP2 software will not run on hardware releases prior to the i.LON 100 e3 Plus due to the smaller memories of the prior releases. See the SmartServer Read Me and i.LON Vision Read Me documents for additional details.

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