Auto dealerships represent an important and specialized outdoor lighting use case in which the parking lot is also the showroom. Echelon’s Lumewave outdoor lighting control solutions can help dealerships gain an overall competitive edge by effectively showcasing their vehicles while maximizing safety, security and energy cost savings. 

Imagine Lighting Controls …

  • Drawing in more customers through curb appeal
  • Increasing Security, Safety 
  • Saving 80% in energy costs and boosting your bottom line

Providing an overall competitive edge!

The Challenge

Cars for sale and dynamic lighting go hand in hand. Displaying automobiles in their best light can affect sales, revenues, and competitiveness for auto dealers. In essence, the right lighting helps sell more vehicles because of improved curb appeal which can lead to more floor traffic. Dynamic lighting is also important for theft deterrence.

Auto dealerships are typically located in high-traffic areas, with bright lights atop tall poles illuminating the cars to make sure that people—including potential buyers—can see the vehicles to their best advantage by revealing the true colors of the vehicles. For security and safety reasons, dealerships prefer not to have very dark areas in their lots. However, the lighting cannot be too bright; it must provide a pleasant customer environment while not disturbing the businesses and residents in the dealership’s vicinity.

Powering the lights consumes large amounts of energy—averaging more than $110,000 per year per dealership, for a cumulative expenditure of $2.3 billion annually in energy costs. More than half of that energy usage is devoted to lighting.

Many auto dealerships are replacing their existing outdoor lighting with LED luminaires, which can reduce energy costs as much as 50%. The adoption of LED technology also makes it possible for them to add control systems, which can yield another 35% of energy savings, or more, through adaptive lighting options. Operating on low profit margins of   2.2% on average, adding lighting controls is a quick way to boost the bottom line. 

A major mistake is to add LED lights without controls, this can result in over-lighting, mandates from the city and neighbors on light trespass, not to mention excess energy costs and 2X the expense to go back and retro-fit lighting controls at a later date.

Dealerships need to find a happy equilibrium between attractive, secure, neighbor friendly illumination and reduced.

The Solution

Echelon’s Lumewave wireless control solution is ideally suited for Auto Dealerships because it is proven, easy to deploy for a single site, yet can scale to manage multiple sites. The main system components include:

  • The 900 series Lighting Controllers 
  • A Wireless Gateway
  • LumInsight Desktop Central Management Software

In addition, the Lumewave control system can use data from motion detectors to selectively and automatically brighten lighting to full levels when any movement is detected in the vicinity of the sensors.

The LumInsight Desktop software features simple setup, scheduling, commissioning, and programming. Dealerships can confirm their energy savings via daily reports of energy use (via revenue-grade metering) and fixture health. Performance history can also be used for predictive maintenance and system tuning.

Smart Lighting Can Sell More Cars

The Results

By installing Lumewave by Echelon wireless control technology for their outdoor LED lighting systems; auto dealerships can expect results that could include the following:

  • Providing the right light in the right place, enabling a pleasant customer experience can affect sales and provide a competitive edge.
  • Improved Safety and Security. The use of motion detectors to brighten lights to full levels in response to detected motion can help improve security (e.g., by allowing security personnel to quickly locate and identify the source of the movement and respond accordingly).
  • Dimming light levels at low-traffic times, such as after midnight or 2 a.m., can reduce energy costs significantly, over and above the savings from switching to LED lighting alone.
  • Use of Lumewave’s software can enable dealers to analyze usage patterns for cost-saving predictive maintenance and asset management.
  • Auto dealerships can find their own ideal lighting levels to optimize vehicle sales, energy savings, security, and good corporate citizenship.